SVEN Boogie Ball ®

Remember this product
    • 360° sound field
    • Pocket size speaker, compact but no discount in sound quality
    • Vacuum Bass resonator
    • Li-on battery last 7–8 hours
    Technical Specifications
    Output power (RMS), W 2.4
    Frequency range, Hz 100 – 20,000
    Loudspeaker dimensions, mm Ø 36
    Resistance, Ohm 4
    Magnetic shielding no
    Power supply 3.7 В / 300 mА
    Dimensions, mm 50 × 50 × 35
    Weight, g 56
    Color black, blue, red
    Life time 2 years
    Tests and reviews

    On the pages of our site we have repeatedly raised the issue of portable speaker choosing. In this market segment there is more than enough offerings ranging from cheap speaker powered by USB,and ending with well-known brand gadgets which prices aren’t less than a prices of good multimedia stereo.

    Basil Zapotylok., October 2010.

    There is such a direction as compact speakers in the acoustics field. It means that you want sometimes to listen to the music far from the civilization, but headphones have pestered to death. Well, or when a big company gets together, hearts pine for music, but a guitarist cannot string two words together. Usually at a time like this, mobile telephones are taken away and the discordant choir of hoarse loudspeakers join battle. One can well understand that the sound leaves much to be desired.

    This matter is solved the best by means of portable loudspeakers. However, until recently the majority of such loudspeakers were notable for extremely flat and narrow-band sounding. A very original development of SVEN Boogie Ball has become a pleasant exception to the rule.

    Dmitry Kolganov ., July 2009.