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  • Silent buttons
  • Soft Touch coating
  • DPI resolution button
  • Navigation buttons "Forward" and "Backward"
Technical Specifications
Mouse type
OS compatibility
Windows / Mac OS
Number of keys, pcs
5 + 1 (scroll wheel)
Scroll wheel
Resolution, DPI
Durability, clicks
more than 3,000,000
Cable length, m
Dimensions, mm
134 × 72 × 42
Weight, g

To play a game, take with you a quick reaction, an ability to make decisions in an instant, and a boost of self-confidence; as for the preciseness of positioning and the convenience of the gaming process, that will be the responsibility of SVEN RX-G740 gaming mouse.

Its noise-free accurately clicking buttons will become a dangerous weapon in your hands, while the soft-touch coating will help you hold the mouse for hours with maximum reliability and an excellent level of comfort. The aggressive design and the multicolor integral lighting leave no room for doubt that what you are holding in your hands is a truly gaming device, designed for winning.

SVEN RX-G740 gaming mouse is your faithful 'comrade-in-arms' in virtual battles. It will not leave you at the hardest time. Because its lifetime to failure is over 3 million presses. And, of course, it is compatible with any operation system, thus allowing you to always be up in arms. Depending on the gaming situation, you can use the special button on the mouse's body to select, on the fly, one of the sensor resolution options: 800DPI, 1,200DPI, 1,800DPI or 2,400DPI. Finally, SVEN RX-G740 is good not only in gaming. During studies or working with office applications, it is also able to show itself to advantage.