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SVEN Company provides its clients with all the best, day after day making professional technologies affordable to everyone.

We have chosen this slogan to emphasize comprehensive facilities of the company to satisfy growing customers demand, in other words ‘SVEN strives to provide you with what you exactly want.

Today we concentrate our main endeavors to make exclusive high-technology solutions a part of our everyday life. Unique technical products of SVEN Company, produced to highest professional standards and sold at affordable prices results in its constantly growing market share.

Where the East meets the West.

…A new world reflecting the best of ancient Oriental cultures and modern Western tendencies comes into being at the junction of two trends...

Having been inspired by this philosophical thought, SVEN Company implements customers requirements using capabilities of the East and the West.

The quality of SVEN products is evaluated by western technologies and complies with the highest European standards.

But the affordability was provided due to allocation of production facilities in countries of the eastern pacific region, like Taiwan, and later in China.

Since yesterday till now.

“SVEN” is a Nordic word meaning active, young, vigorous.

SVEN was founded in 1991 as a producer of computer periphery devices and offered affordable products of high quality to consumers. The company activity is determined by optimum quality/price ratio.

TM SVEN was registered in more than 50 countries and its owned by a Finnish company of the same name, which funds and coordinates international activity on brand development in the following fields:

  • research;
  • production;
  • commerce;
  • licensing.

The recognition of SVEN speaker systems as the discovery of the year 2001 was the most significant milestone in the brand development in territories of CIS countries. Over the next twelve years, SVEN regularly had gained recognition of competent experts in the field of sound, as well as the “Brand of the Year” title in the “Computer Oriented Speaker Systems” nomination (2002-2013).

Apart from acoustic line, production of high-quality computer periphery devices, home theatre components and power supply protection equipment are the most important part of the Company’s business. SVEN Company regularly reevaluates its product line to better satisfy its customers demands.

At present SVEN Company is a multinational entity with its own research base and engineering center, which performs continuous researches in the innovation sphere.

The cornerstone of SVEN Company is to best serve our end customers. That is why the company selects the most reliable would-be partners and continuously extends its service network.

SVEN Company highly values its clients and aspires to be a favorite electronics brand in every home and office.