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  • Switching DPI modes
  • Rubber scroll wheel
  • Plug&Play technology
Technical Specifications
Mouse type
wireless optical
OS compatibility
Windows / Mac OS
Number of keys, pcs
5 + 1 (scroll wheel)
Scroll wheel
Resolution, DPI
Radio channel frequency, GHz
Durability, clicks
more than 3 000 000
Dimension, mm
125 × 63 × 68
Weight, g

SVEN presents RX-580SW, a special computer mouse. The new model catches eye by its vertical design. Such innovative design helps reduce hand fatigue even during long periods of work. Everyone who cares about his or her health will be happy to have this mouse on his or her desk.

Instead of the conventional horizontal position, the mouse body and the buttons are arranged at an angle of 60 degrees, thus holding the user's wrist and forearm in a more natural position. It looks as if you were shaking somebody's hand. The 'handshake' position reduces muscular tension and contributes to a more ergonomic posture. The vertical angle makes pressure on the wrist lower while the thumb is comfortably placed on a special seat. The elaborate shape is suitable for any palm; the surface, with the agreeable SOFT TOUCH texture, provides for a comfortable and strong grip. The rubbery scroll wheel gives additional comfort. Also, the noise-free buttons of this quiet and 'caring' mouse are beyond praise! The SVEN RX-580SW's lifetime as assigned by the manufacturer is 3 million presses! Along with the anatomically correct design, SVEN RX-580SW wireless mouse offers great functionality.

The computer mouse is fitted with convenient navigation keys (Forward - Backward) and allows the user to switch between the resolution modes of 800/1,200/1,600DPI. Thus, the sensitivity of the mouse can be changed quickly. The tracking quality is higher at low DPI values; at higher DPI values, however, the mouse 'runs about' the screen at a quicker pace. For example, for a screen with a resolution of 2,000 pixels, a mouse with a low DPI will be extremely slow and unhandy. SVEN RX-580SW maintains a stable radio connection with the computer within the frequency band of 2.4GHz, and is connected via the USB interface. The mouse is compatible with Windows / Mac OS. Another outstanding feature of this mouse is the built-in 300mA*h battery.