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Home audio system with Bluetooth and FM radio

AN: SV-019068


Home audio system with Bluetooth and FM radio

Short Item:

  • Passive speaker for deep and powerful bass
  • Bluetooth
  • USB-flash playback support
  • LED display
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Deep bass thanks to a passive radiator

Passive radiator raises low frequencies of the acoustic system, creating clean and strong bass.

Low-frequency 75 mm speaker for deep bass

Glass fiber speaker with 75 mm diameter generates natural sound, detailed tuning of medium frequencies, and strong deep bass.

Wireless signal transmission via Bluetooth

Wireless sound transmission via Bluetooth will create a stable connection to the gadget at up to 10 m distance. It's not a problem to quickly turn on background music, listen to a podcast or audiobook – just pair your smartphone with the acoustic system, and from then on the whole process will take a few seconds.

Favorite tracks on a USB flash

A collection of favorite tracks on a USB flash is a great option for music lovers who have already made their choice. Stable playback of audio files without connecting additional devices!

Control panel with an LED screen

The LED screen provides information about radio station frequency, sound level, track time when played back from a USB flash. Control panel makes it possible to find any track by its number, enter radio station frequency, select audio input, and manage many other functions.

Embedded FM receiver

Don't have your favorite track collection handy? No worries! The embedded FM radio with selection of a radio frequency on an LED screen will offer great variety of tracks 24/7, helping create a perfect atmosphere.

Wired connectivity to an audio source

For a wired connection of the speaker to transmitting devices, the delivery set includes an appropriate audio cable. Cable connection ensures maximum quality and stable connectivity, supporting complete and efficient usage of acoustic resources of the device.

    • Passive speaker for deep and powerful bass
    • Wireless signal transmission via Bluetooth
    • USB-flash playback support
    • LED display
    • FM radio
    • AUX input for connecting to an audio source
    • Bamboo finish front cover and passive radiator
    • Soft velvety eco-leather body finish
    • Built-in battery
Output power (RMS), W 30
Frequency range, Hz 80 – 20 000
Loudspeaker dimensions, mm Ø 50 + Ø 75
Interfacе Bluetooth
Power supply Li-Ion battery: 3.7 V / 2200 mAh (2 pcs) / USB: DC 5 V / 1 A
Type of power connector microUSB
Dimensions (W × H × D), mm 260 × 150 × 112
Weight, kg 1.75
Color bamboo

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SVEN introduces a new class of audio devices in its product range – wireless home music systems that combine outstanding sound quality with original design. The first device in the family is SVEN HA-930 which shows an extraordinary level of quality.

Visually it has vintage style hints that look surprisingly good along with cutting edge technologies – from the LED screen to open speakers made of glass fiber and touch sensitive buttons. All visual details of the system – from metal legs to finishing made of natural bamboo, soft velvet leather and elegant control panel – are well designed helping create a unique and appealing image to become a beautiful addition to interior.

Three active speakers ensure high quality of music: a big one with 75 mm diameter provides low-frequency band, and two speakers 50 mm diameter each offer medium and high frequencies. A robust passive radiator, located on the rear panel, gives additional depth to bass. The sound of SVEN HA-930 matches its look: it is soft, yet deep, with fine tuning of the entire range – the speakers will do great both with light jazz on a romantic dinner, and with dancing hits on a loud party.

This home sound system offers rich functionality. You can connect your favorite gadget via Bluetooth and also use a wired connection. Embedded USB player allows playing out your favorite music collection in fresh colors. If you don't want to think about choosing tracks, you don't need to — just turn on FM radio and enjoy the best DJs.

The speaker is small-sized and can be easily brought to another room. You don't need to plug it into a power socket every time – two lithium-ion batteries with 2200 mA·h capacity will enable standalone playback for a long time. Travelling from the living room to the bedroom and then to the kitchen, it will add elegance to the surrounding space and will please you with breathtaking sound.

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