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  • 3.5 mm (4 pin) connector for mobile devices
  • Call acceptance / Pause button
  • Flat non-tangling cable
  • Two pairs of additional removable earpads
Technical Specifications
Headphones sensitivity, dB
106 ± 3
Microphone sensitivity, dB
–42 ± 2
Headphones frequency range, Hz
18 – 20,000
Microphone frequency range, Hz
30 – 16,000
Membrane, mm
Ø 10
Impedance, Ohm
Connector type
Ø 3.5 mm (4 pin) stereo mini-jack
Cable length, m
Weight, g
black, white
Life time
2 years

SVEN SEB-260M canal type headset is an excellent choice for those people, who appreciate mobility and communication. Convenience, nice sound and sensitive microphone – what is needed more for devotees to speak with friends on the telephone and to listen to music during a journey?

SEB-260M is produced in two colors: black and white and it harmonizes perfectly with most mobile devices. The model has two pairs of removable earpads of different sizes, so this headset of SVEN Company will do for everybody. The removable pairs of earpads correspond to the anatomic features of most users of devices. They stay in the ear perfectly and will not fall out at the most inopportune moment – devotees of sports and outdoor activities will appreciate this feature.

SEB-260M headset is very comfortable and ready to work at any time. You can put it in your bag or pocket and you will be fully confident that its flat cable will not tangle. You will not have to untangle cables instead of enjoying music and communication. The headset cable is equipped with a microphone and Call acceptance/Pause button. The cable can be fixed on the garments using a special clothespin.