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Tuotteet Speakers Multimedia Speakers 5.1

Multimedia speaker systems 5.1 for home theatre surround sound

Since the invention in 80s of last century the first multi-channel Dolby Digital, the spatial coding technology and sound introduced firmly not only into professional equipment, but also in home audio. For the most direct realization of the ambient sounds rich world more and more channels of transmission are used in the producing of loudspeakers. Nowadays, the most popular format for creating home theatre is 5.1 surround sound system format.

SVEN multimedia speaker systems 5.1 created with the latest audio processing technology, this applies to both LifeStyle category with unique design solutions and Classic category models, which sound quality is close to the Hi-Fi. The neodymium HF - speakers incorporates to the framework with silk domes, frequency filters of the last generation, a modern element base, resulting in a bright, deep and high specification of the acoustic space. Subwoofer and satellites are perfectly balanced and creates a harmonious, holistic sound panorama. Most of the models are equipped with full-function remote control.

5.1 SVEN multimedia speakers allows fans to enjoy spectacular movie sound effects, clear dialogue, wider sound; and music lovers will fond of the atmosphere of a concert hall, jazz club or rock-concert.