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There are two ways to cope with the problem of faint sound from loudspeakers of smartphones or iPads. The first way to solve the problem supposes the use of headphones. The second one is the use of external speakers designed to operate with mobile devices and notebooks.

SVEN Company presented SVEN PS-100BL portable speaker system. This model is a multipurpose model for the most mobile devices and very convenient to operate. It can be used when you want to watch a movie on your iPad or listen to the music on your smartphone. The system has a built-in microphone in its case; the model supports voice connectivity and can operate as a headset, therefore it can be conveniently used for the multilateral audio teleconferencing. When SVEN PS-100BL is used as an individual device it has many advantages as well. The system base is rubberized and does not slide on the lacquered or glass table. The flap interior has a rubber pad, so it steadily supports a smartphone or iPad as a monitor. It is important for those persons, who got used to watch movies making themselves comfortable on the sofa and not ready to hold an iPad or notebook in hands for one hour and a half. The model has built-in drone cones; that is why the system reproduces perceptible deep bass, which is the best bass according to its characteristics for the portable speakers segment.

The system is a self-contained and can operate from a built-in battery. It does not limit a user with wires for commutation and power supply. The signal is transmitted from a sound source in the Bluetooth mode. At that the speaker system has a stereo input and can be connected to a notebook, player and other devices with the help of a cable. SVEN PS-100BL is very compact and it is similar to a diary by dimensions. It can be taken for travels in an ordinary travelling bag.

In outward appearance the speaker system replicates many elements of the design of modern smartphones. It has typical rounded corners, small buttons to control tracks and volume of the system, as well as it has chromium decorative fringe along its case perimeter.

  • MSS is compatible with PC, Media/МР3 players, mobile devices
  • Built-in V2.1 + EDR Bluetooth module
  • Built-in lithium battery with capacity 1150 mAh
  • Ability to control the tracks (in Bluetooth mode)
  • Bluetooth operating range – up to 8 m
  • AUX stereo input
  • Headset mode
  • Passive emitters
  • Support for tablet PC
Technical Specifications
Output power (RMS), W 6 (2 × 3)
Frequency range, Hz 80 – 20,000
Loudspeaker dimensions, mm 2 × Ø 40
Interfacе Bluetooth
Power supply Li-Ion battery: 1150 mAh
Case material ABS plastic + metal
Dimensions, mm 195 × 115 × 35
Weight, g 437
Color black
Life time 5 years
Tests and reviews
The design of SVEN PS-100BL is one of the main reasons to pay attention to this speaker system. I like very much that I can easily select a place and method to place the speaker, but I like even more that it makes me possible not to depend on the type of a mobile device., February 2014 .
Wireless speaker systems are frequent guests of Laboratory. Multi-faceted models, oriented both to the use out of doors, as well as premium-solutions, are presented at the market. Today we present the first detailed test of SVEN PS-100BL speaker system. This decision deserves attention due to the use of some original engineering decisions. We shall speak further about everything in greater detail.
Lenar Khirullin., February 2014.
Portable speaker systems came to our life a short time ago. In fact, it is the most important part of a mobile speaker system. Mobile sources, such as iPads, notebooks, smartphones etc., provide a signal actually of the identical quality, but the net result depends on a speaker system and a built-in amplifier. Of course, the competition in this segment is very high, therefore many producers build inside their systems as many different units as possible, such as radio, audio player, alarm clock, etc. But there are producers, who strive to put the whole cost of a device into the sound quality. One of such systems is SVEN PS-100BL.
BT-test., May 2014.
In total we put the excellent mark to SVEN PS-100BL, because the system works off paid money completely. According to the comfort level (let us not forget about the excellent folding platform for tablet PCs), its autonomy and the sound quality this speaker is highly competitive with decisions, which cost two-three times more. Cost effectiveness affects not only in an advanced Bluetooth and satisfactory quality of voice communication. However, these factors are secondary. This new product has really a very serious position pressing the more brand things.
TECHLABS Team., April 2014.
February 2014, SVEN PS-100BL portable speaker system
March 2014 laboratory, SVEN PS-100BL portable speaker system