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Soundbar with wireless subwoofer

AN: SV-020811


Soundbar with wireless subwoofer

Short Item:

  • Output power 300 W
  • Support of Dolby Digital
  • Wireless soundbar connection with subwoofer
  • Digital HDMI (ARC)
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Dolby Digital

Dolby Digital support allows to playback the most up-to-date content with multi-channel sound.

Wireless signal transmission via Bluetooth

Sound transmission via Bluetooth will enable convenient and consistent connection to a sound source gadget with no wires at a significant distance.

Subwoofer with no extra wires

Wireless connection of the soundbar with a subwoofer helps avoid laying excessive cables.

On first-name terms with a TV

Digital HDMI (ARC) input allows to easily connect the device to a TV to achieve maximum possible quality of sound.

Information in front of your eyes

Special fastening allows to mount the soundbar on a wall above or under a TV.

Your music on your USB-flash

Collection of favorite tracks on USB flash is a great option for music lovers, that have made their choice. Consistent audio playback without connecting additional devices!

Information in front of your eyes

Bright and contrasting LED display will allow to easily control various parameters of device operation.

Wooden subwoofer for rich bass

Due to an enclosure made of dense MDF the subwoofer not only looks good, but also ensures bass playback with great attack with no extra resonance.

Eight inches of powerful bass

Playback of low-frequency range is provided via a high-range driver with a diameter of 8 inches.

    • Output power 300 W
    • Support of Dolby Digital multichannel digital sound system
    • Wireless signal transmission via Bluetooth
    • Wireless soundbar connection with subwoofer
    • Digital HDMI (ARC)
    • Digital Optical Input
    • Ability to control the soundbar using the TV remote control (HDMI CEC)
    • Remote control
    • USB-flash playback support
    • LED display
    • Wooden casing of subwoofer (MDF)
    • Deep bass by 8" high-quality speaker of subwoofer
    • Equalizer function
    • AUX input for connecting to an audio source
    • Wall mountable soundbar
Maximum power, W 300
Output power (RMS), W subwoofer: 180
soundbar: 120 (2 × 60)
Frequency range, Hz subwoofer: 50 – 150
soundbar: 150 – 20 000
Rated current, A subwoofer: 0.03
soundbar: 0.06
Dynamic speakers diameter (subwoofer), mm Ø 190
Dynamic speakers diameter (satellites), mm 4 × Ø 52
Remote control available
Connection type Bluetooth, AUX (3.5mm jack), HDMI (ARC), SPDIF (Optical)
Power supply ~230 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions (W × H × D), mm subwoofer: 240 × 420 × 243
soundbar: 900 × 101 × 72
Weight, kg subwoofer: 5.7
soundbar: 1.9
Color black

Package contents

  • Subwoofer — 1 pc
  • Soundbar — 1 pc
  • Remote control (RC) — 1 pc
  • AAA type batteries — 2 pcs
  • Mini-jack to mini-jack signal cable — 1 pc
  • Optical cable — 1 pc
  • 3.5 mm jack — 2xRCA аdapter — 1 pc
  • Power adapter — 1 pc
  • Power cable — 1 pc
  • Wall-mounting set — 2 pcs
  • User manual — 1 pc
  • Warranty card — 1 pc
  • Mounting guide — 1 pc

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Soundbar with wireless subwoofer

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To get spectacular sound when watching movies or sports broadcasts, you definitely need huge speakers, a special room and expensive amplifiers. That may have been the case in the old days but that was before compact soundbar and subwoofer kits came along. They take up minimal space, get connected and mounted easily, and make TV sound much more impressive. SVEN has long been developing a line of such products, recently the developers presented a model of SVEN SB-2200D, which is one of the most advanced devices in its arsenal.

2" (52 mm) diameter soundbar speakers provide for high-quality transmission within mid- and high-frequency range, and bass support is effected by an active subwoofer with an MDF cabinet, with 8" (190 mm) diameter speaker inside it. The subwoofer capacity is 24.5 liters, which is higher than that of the vast majority of competitors in the same and even higher price segment. The total power of the system reaches impressive 300 W - SVEN SB-2200D will feel confident even in a large living room.

Connection and preparation of the set for operation is made as easy and simple as possible, and the number of cables is minimized - even the subwoofer is connected to the head unit in automatic mode and without wires, which allows you to install it more reliably and to fit it better into the interior. The soundbar itself can be placed on a shelf or mounted on the wall using the specially provided fixtures. All information about the device operation is displayed on a convenient bright screen, which will not interfere while viewing - it goes out automatically during content playback.

Connection of sources is great too - the number of options available is amazingly high: from optical and coaxial digital inputs and HDMI with ARC support to analog AUX with 3.5mm jack. There's even Bluetooth for quick connection to mobile gadgets. Besides, the novel product supports Dolby Digital format, which significantly expands the possibilities of playing high-quality video content - when such a signal is received, the corresponding message is displayed on the screen. SVEN SB-2200D also has a built-in player - you can record your favorite tracks on a USB stick and always have them available. All major formats are supported - from MP3, WAV and WMA to popular lossless files with FLAC extension.

The set is controlled with a help of the excellent proprietary remote control but not only that - thanks to support for HDMI CEC technology, you can turn on the SB-2200D soundbar and change its volume directly from the TV remote control, and this is much more convenient. All settings, taking into account the last active input, volume and the equalizer preset are saved after SVEN SB-2200D disconnection and are automatically activated after SVEN SB-2200D initiation.

You can tweak the sound a bit with a built-in equalizer. Three presets are provided to suit different listening environments. The first is designed for watching movies and provides the most spectacular sound possible, while the second has a slightly smoother sound for listening to music. And when the third one is activated, midrange frequencies get emphasized and bass is taken to the background - useful for watching the news and at night, when you do not want to disturb others with low frequencies.

Such an impressive list of features perfectly illustrates that the developers of the device have really taken care of its comfortable use. The creators of SVEN SB-2200D didn't skimp on the equipment: it comes with batteries for the remote control, an optical cable, a stencil and fixtures for wall mounting... In general, you don't need to buy any extras. At the same time, the cost remains low as always for SVEN, and you can already see for yourself - sales of the novel product in stores of household appliances and electronics have started.

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