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08.10.2014. SVEN SB-550 Sound Bar – New Sound for Dear Telemother-In-Law
07.10.2014. RX-360 Art Wireless – Long-Expected New Wireless Stylish Mouse of SVEN Company

SVEN Company prepared a surprise for devotees of unusual things with a catchy design. In September 2014 the company has put on the market RX-360 Art Wireless.

SVEN RX-360 Art Wireless

Users of the social network VKontakte took part in the selection of the best design version for this model. Based on the result of the voting the black-and-white dynamic pattern conquered by a wide margin. Now the stylish new product is affordable for everybody!

RX-360 Art Wireless of SVEN Company operates precisely and clearly on any surface – modern Blue Led sensor is responsible for the mouse positioning.

The mouse lies comfortably in hand. Due to its symmetric construction it will be suitable both for right- and left-handers.

Modern comptrollers used in the mouse manufacturing provide its high-energy efficiency – RX-360 Art Wireless is able to operate without battery replacement for up to one year.

2.4 GHz nano receiver for connection to PC is included in the package content of the mouse.


  • Blue Led sensor
  • Stylish ergonomic design
  • 2.4 GHz nano receiver included
  • Long battery service life (up to 1 year)

06.10.2014. Ergonomic SVEN RX-305 Wireless Mouse is Available for Sale

New SVEN RX-305 Wireless mouse is an expedient and practical purchase.

SVEN RX-305 Wireless

The ergonomic case of the new product is made of mat black plastic. The mouse comfortably lies in hand – with such a device the hand will not get tired even during the long usage in front of the computer.

Blue Led sensor provides the exact positioning of mouse – RX-305 Wireless operation is stable and clear on any surface. The model is equipped with the sensor resolution button – a user can preset RX-305 Wireless according to his personal needs.

RX-305 Wireless mouse consumes the power economically and efficiently due to comptrollers of new generation – the mouse is able to operate without battery replacement for up to one year. 2.4 GHz nano receiver for connection to PC is included in the package content of the mouse.

The new product is now available for sale!


  • Blue LED sensor
  • Stylish ergonomic design
  • 2.4 GHz USB nano receiver included
  • Sensor dpi resolution switch
  • Battery long service life (up to 1 year)

03.10.2014. SVEN GX-990 Gaming – New Gaming Mouse

SVEN Company presents an optical gaming mouse GX-990 Gaming.

A stylish new product of SVEN Company provides high comfort of gaming process: the mouse operates clearly and perfectly. The case weighted construction provides smooth running of the mouse. The device is equipped with Forward and Back navigation buttons, triple click button and 1000/1500/2000/2500 dpi resolution buttons. The mouse functionality can be increased with the help of included special software: a user can adapt macros to his liking, adjust sensitivity of buttons, change the USB port sampling rate, change the resolution and make many useful improvements. All settings are saved in the mouse internal memory – GX-990 Gaming remembers everything about its owner likings.

SVEN GX-990 Gaming

The case of SVEN GX-990 Gaming mouse is made in dignified modern gaming stylistics. It has Soft Touch surface, which provides pleasant tactile sensations and usability. The strong and reliable wire of the mouse has fabric braid – even gamblers will use it for a long time. The sharp image of the model is supplemented with built-in backlight of eight different colors – you will have a lot of choices to choose!


  • Stylish game design
  • Two navigation buttons (Forward and Back)
  • Weighted construction
  • Triple click button
  • 1000/1500/2000/2500 dpi resolution buttons
  • Software for additional settings
  • Variable backlight
  • Soft Touch surface

26.09.2014. Review and Tests of SVEN MS-1820. 2.1 Speaker System with USB and FM Support
25.09.2014. SVEN SPS-619 GOLD 2.0 Speaker System
23.09.2014. 2.0 SVEN STREAM MEGA R Speaker System: Two – Zero in my Favor
19.09.2014. New SVEN AP-750MV Headset is a Reliable Universalist

SVEN Company presents a flag model in its product line of wired headsets for mobile devices: AP-750MV has been created for real connoisseurs of the qualitative sound and comfort.


AP-750MV headset combines the most up-to-date technologies of audio reproduction, high reliability and usability. Using it you will get the maximum pleasure while listening to music of any genres: deep basses and clear surrounding sound will not leave indifferent the most hard-to-please consumers. It is within its scope of abilities movies and computer games, and, of course, people, who like chatting, will be pleased with AP-750MV.

Adjustable headband framework of SVEN AP-750MV is made of metal, this headset will serve for a long time and won’t break due to its frequent use. Thanks to the soft leather finishing of ear cushions and headband it comfortably sits on the head and is suitable for long carrying. Strong fabric braid removable cable provides additional comfort. It is connected through the audio jack of the headset, if the cable is broken down in the course of time, you won’t have to buy another headset – it can be changed for a new one easily. If the cable of AP-750MV catches on any obstacle accidentally in a transport or on a hike, the headset will not be broken after falling to the ground: the cable will be just disconnected from the device. The sensitive microphone of the headset is located on the cable close to the volume control and call receiving/pause button.

SVEN AP-750MV headset is a universal headset: using it you can work, study and take a rest in any place you wish. It is compatible both with mobile devices and with traditional personal computers. Its cable is equipped with 4-pin plug for connection to notebooks, tablet PCs, smartphones and other mobile devices. 4-pin to 2×3-pin adapter connector for connection to PC is included in the package content as well. You need only one headset at home, office and long-distance travels!

SVEN AP-750MV is a practical, durable, carefully considered model with hi-fi sound quality and attractive price.


  • Stereo headphones with microphone
  • 4-pin plug for mobile devices
  • Removable cable
  • PC adapter
  • Microphone on the cable

19.09.2014. SVEN AP-170M Headphones – Good Sound and Nothing Extra

SVEN production range has been increased by a light and compact headset for mobile devices – SVEN AP-170M.


Due to its compact size and small weight this model can be comfortably taken on your way. AP-170M headset is practically imperceptible on the head, because ear cushions finished with soft leather envelop the auricle comfortably and flexible and firm headband is adjustable throughout the height.

The case of the model is manufactured of black plastic with silvery insertions and black glossy finishing. The microphone and control button are located on the cable equipped with 4-pin plug for connection to notebooks, smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices.

SVEN AP-170M is the simple and qualitative solution for devotees to chat and multimedia entertainments. The headset provides the adequate sound quality and is suitable to solve the widest tasks in spite of its miniature size.


  • Compact size
  • Microphone on the cable
  • 4-pin plug for mobile devices
  • Call acceptance/Pause button

16.09.2014. SVEN Gives Prizes to Cyber Sport Fans

Last weekend the grandiose Dream Hack cyber festival took place in Stadium Live Club in Moscow, in which gamers from all over the world took part. SVEN Company presented prizes for this unique competition.

Visiting of this exclusive event was completely free of charge. However, people had to stand in a long queue to enter the club and afterwards to watch all virtual battles in the standing position. Therefore, the most advanced gamers had bought Comfort or VIP tickets for themselves and watched everything with maximum comfort. In addition, they got the whole sack of gifts, including excellent SVEN SEB 26 BK earphones and a top-class SVEN CK mouse pad with antibacterial coating.

SVEN SEB 26 BK model combines headset and headphones. You are able not only to enjoy the excellent music sounding, but also to control tracks in a playlist and take calls. You will find a comfortable transportation cover, 2 pairs of removable ear cushions and microphone adapter for connection to PC in the package of headphones. SVEN CK mouse pads do not slide over the table surface. They are impregnated with antibacterial composition and protect a user against fungi and bacteria. With the help of SVEN CK mouse pads you can work with no worry for your health.

Such stars as Versuta, Lightof Heaven, 4ce and Maelstorm, NS and ARS-ART were invited to comment Dream Hack competition. They had time to dispense autographs to their admirers without tearing themselves away from their main engagement and served as an excellent background for selfie.

During breaks, it was possible to take part in different drawings, competitions and to be photographed with animated characters of computer games.

26.08.2014. Review of SVEN MS-2100 Tree Phonic: High Quality of Sound and Pleasant Bonuses
20.08.2014. SVEN SPS-707BL – Updated Version of “Old Speaker System”
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13.08.2014. SVEN Classic – Universal protector

SVEN company presents Classic surge protector power strip, which is able to protect against short circuit, overload and pulse interferences up to seven different devices simultaneously. Convenience, reliability and attractive design – the main advantages of this model.

SVEN Classic

SVEN Classic is a real wagon. It is equipped with five CEE7/4 standard European sockets with grounding contacts, one CEE 7/16 standard socket for flat plugs and popular in Russia and CIS countries C1-a standard socket without grounding. It is possible to connect seven devices up to 2.2 kW total capacity to the new power strip.

The case of SVEN Classic is made of impact-resistant non-combustible, glossy plastic. It can be fixed to the wall by using special wall mountable holes located on the rear side of the filter.

SVEN Classic is suitable for a wide range of premises. For sale it is presented in three versions: 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 meters cable length.

SVEN Classic – is an excellent choice for your home or office.


  • Double-pole switch with light indication of the turn on condition
  • Impact resistant outer casing with original design from non-flammable glossy plastic
  • Protection against short circuit and overload
  • Enhanced protection against pulse interferences
  • Seven sockets: five sockets with grounding contacts and two sockets without grounding
  • Mounting holes for wall mounting
  • Maximum absorbed energy is 125 J

12.08.2014. SVEN AP-945MV: Affordable Headset Compatible with PCs and Smartphones
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25.07.2014. SVEN AP-150MV – Universal Solution at Attractive Price

A lightweight and compact SVEN AP-150MV headset is a universal model for the use at office and home.

This available and qualitative solution is for schoolchildren, students, call-center employees and network communication devotees. It will be suitable for listening to the music or watching movies on a computer or notebook.


The model is made of glossy plastic with relief grey insertions. Due to its small size, it is practically not perceptible on the head. The adjustable headband and rotary microphone arm provide additional comfort when using the headset. The cable of the headset is equipped with the volume control.

SVEN AP-150MV is connected to the sound card of a PC with the help of standard 3.5 mm mini-jack connectors.


  • Attractive price
  • Compact size
  • Rotary microphone arm
  • Relief plastic finishing
  • Volume control wheel on cable

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