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19.03.2014. SVEN IHOO MT 5.1P: Legend Regenerated
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06.03.2014. Review and Tests of SVEN SPS-707. Table Speakers with Saturated Sound
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05.03.2014. SVEN AVR PRO 5000 and 8000: the Main Thing is not to Overvoltage
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28.02.2014. SEB Amethyst, SEB Amethyst and SEB Tourmaline. Brilliant Solution

Since recently, as soon as smartphones and iPads became an obligatory attribute of everyday wardrobe, the design of accessories for gadgets passed to a new level, because ingenuity, creativity and extraordinariness have no limits. Design solutions became braver and eccentric versions appeared at the market.

SVEN Company following these principles developed and has already presented the absolutely new SEB Sapphire, SEB Amethyst and SEB Tourmaline channel type earphones. Fair ladies have now another way to adorn themselves with an original and bright accessory. The brand created the universal collection of earphones, which can be used every day with any cloth even including the most informal style. Women of metropolises, who are able to gain their point by their own forces and who want to be stylish and fashionable, were the source of inspiration for the design. Models are supplied in a plastic transparent small box, which more closely resemble small boxes with jewels.

The line of SVEN earphones in the form of jewels

These earphones are designed to work with mobile devices and oriented, first and foremost, to the youth market.

Ear cushions are decorated on the outside with strasses: sapphires, amethysts and tourmalines. At first view it may seem that there is a scattering of these jewels and minerals in the box. Due to this similarity the models got their names – SEB Sapphire, SEB Amethyst and SEB Tourmaline. You must admit that such design catches the eye at the same instant.

          SEB Amethyst earphones

          SEB Tourmaline earphones

            SEB Sapphire earphones

The design of ear cushions of these earphones provides to the listener high noise insulation against external noise sources. There are three pairs of changeable ear cushions of different sizes in the box. Users can vary them depending on their preferences and ideas about convenient use of devices.

The original design in the bright festive box turns the model into a wonderful gift. It can be handed to your beloved girlfriend or mother on the occasion of March 8 or presented for no special reason, on the occasion of something.


  • Channel type stereo earphones
  • Original design
  • Enhanced sound transmission system
  • Two additional sets of spare ear cushions
  • Gift box

27.02.2014. SVEN PS-100BL: Universal Bluetooth Speaker of Unusual Design
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10.02.2014. SVEN MS-2100. Multimedia Entertainment Center

What is required to organize the leisure and to pass away the holidays, weekend or weekday evening with pleasure? Cozy atmosphere, genial company and speaker system with the multimedia center functions!

SVEN MS-2100 Multimedia Speaker System

SVEN Company presented SVEN MS-2100 2.1 speaker system. This speaker system does ideally for watching movies, sounding computer games and playing the music. 80 W of powerful saturated sound will be enough to organize an evening party in honor of friends or to watch a sport telecast in a noisy company. The system can operate in standalone mode. The built-in player of audio files plays tracks from a USB drive or SD card. After having selected your favorite radio station on FM tuner, you can devote your evening to the reading of a book or a get-together with relatives over a cup of tea.

SVEN MS-2100 has two switched inputs. With their help the speaker system can be connected to any sound sources, for example, a PC or media player. The subwoofer and two-way satellites will expose the whole sound palette of the system in computer games and movies. The rich bass and crystal-clear high-frequencies reproduce the detailed sound panorama, due to which the presence effect increases, and emotions and impressions are just added.

Rear Panel of MS-2100

It is very simple and convenient to control the system. There is an easy-to-interpret digital display and several control knobs on the subwoofer right side: to control the master volume of the system and to switch radio stations and tracks.

Digital VFD Display of MS-2100

The remote control has advanced options for the system control. With its help you can control the subwoofer volume or activate Mute or Sleep modes.

Remote Control of MS-2100

SVEN MS-2100 speaker system has a bright stylish design, which is able to enrich any interior. The front panels of the subwoofer and satellites are covered with black gloss and combine ideally with mat texture of their cases.


  • Connectivity to various sound sources
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Digital VFD display
  • Built-in player for audio files from external storage devices
  • Built-in clock
  • USB flash port and SD card slot
  • Two switched inputs
  • Remote control
  • STAND BY, MUTE and SLEEP modes

10.02.2014. SVEN PS-100BL. Designed for Comfort

There are two ways to cope with the problem of faint sound from loudspeakers of smartphones or iPads. The first way to solve the problem supposes the use of headphones. The second one is the use of external speakers designed to operate with mobile devices and notebooks.

SVEN PS-100BL Portable Speaker System

SVEN Company presented new SVEN PS-100BL portable speaker system. This model is a multipurpose model for the most mobile devices and very convenient to operate. It can be used when you want to watch a movie on your iPad or listen to the music on your smartphone. The system has a built-in microphone in its case; the model supports voice connectivity and can operate as a headset, therefore it can be conveniently used for the multilateral audio teleconferencing.

SVEN PS-100BL on Support

When SVEN PS-100BL is used as an individual device it has many advantages as well. The system base is rubberized and does not slide on the lacquered or glass table. The flap interior has a rubber pad, so it steadily supports a smartphone or iPad as a monitor. It is important for those persons, who got used to watch movies making themselves comfortable on the sofa and not ready to hold an iPad or notebook in hands for one hour and a half. The model has built-in drone cones; that is why the system reproduces perceptible deep bass, which is the best bass according to its characteristics for the portable speakers segment.

The system is a self-contained and can operate from a built-in battery. It does not limit a user with wires for commutation and power supply. The signal is transmitted from a sound source in the Bluetooth mode. At that the speaker system has a stereo input and can be connected to a notebook, player and other devices with the help of a cable. SVEN PS-100BL is very compact and it is similar to a diary by dimensions. It can be taken for travels in an ordinary travelling bag.

SVEN PS-100BL with iPad on Support

In outward appearance the speaker system replicates many elements of the design of modern smartphones. It has typical rounded corners, small buttons to control tracks and volume of the system, as well as it has chromium decorative fringe along its case perimeter.

SVEN PS-100BL Portable Speaker System


  • MSS is compatible with PC, Media/МР3 players, mobile devices;
  • Built-in V2.1 + EDR Bluetooth module;
  • Built-in lithium battery with capacity 1150 mA • h;
  • Ability to control the tracks (in Bluetooth mode);
  • AUX stereo input;
  • Headset mode ;
  • Passive emitters for deep bass;
  • Support for iPad and smartphone.

05.02.2014. SVEN SPS-707BL. Professional Technologies are Affordable to Everybody

SVEN Company presented SVEN SPS-707BL 2.0 speaker system. Bluetooth data transmission wireless technology is used in this model, which enables to connect the speaker system and a mobile device quickly and properly. You have to switch on the Bluetooth mode only on a smartphone or iPad to convert the system into a multimedia center and you can enjoy the music. The devices are interfaced automatically due to the NFC technology, which acquires popularity among producers of smartphones. SVEN SPS-707BL will also cope perfectly with sounding of movies and computer games. The model can be connected to a computer or notebook – there are switched inputs on the back side of speaker cases.


The easy-to-use control panel of SVEN SPS-707BL, located on the top base of the active speaker, contains key options for the system control. With their help you can change the “character” of the system sounding, i.e. to regulate high and low frequencies, switch sound sources against each other. Speakers belong to the stationary speaker system class. Therefore the system has the remote control very much to the point. It duplicates all functions available on the control panel. A user can easily select his own relax “method” after making himself comfortable on the sofa after working all day.

Black-silver color of speakers, rounded corners, combination of glossy front surface and black wooden case – all these components create the elegant image of SVEN SPS-707BL, which due to its universality will fit in with any interior.


  • Two wired switched inputs
  • Separate control of LF and HF timbre
  • Control unit on the top panel
  • Bluetooth wireless signal transmission protocol
  • NFC wireless signal transmission technology
  • Remote control
  • Glossy black front panels
  • MDF speaker cabinets

05.02.2014. With Love to Listener: Review of SVEN MS-3000 Speaker System
31.01.2014. SVEN SPS-707 Speaker System: Broad Frequency Range + Several Sources Connectivity
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10.01.2014. ТМ SVEN Celebrates Double Victory!

A well-known Russian portal has summarized the results of the "IXBT Brand 2013" voting, where more than one hundred IT brands were engaged in the struggle for prize-winning places for the whole month.

We are very happy and proud to report that the SVEN Trade Mark has ranked Number One in the Non-Professional PC Speaker Systems Nomination! For the second year running we make the top three in the Uninterruptible Power Supplies Nomination. This time we succeeded to improve the last year’s result – in 2013 SVEN Company won the silver reward.

Dear friends and admirers of ТМ SVEN! In the name of our personnel we want to thank you very much for your support, activity and devotion! It is just they have helped us to pull ahead and keep our positions before the voting was out!

ТМ SVEN is a brand name of 2013! Thank you!

Number One in Non-Professional PC Speaker Systems NominationNumber Two in Uninterruptible Power Supplies Nomination
Number One in Non-Professional PC Speaker Systems NominationNumber Two in Uninterruptible Power Supplies Nomination

28.12.2013. SVEN MS-1820. Classic Design in Modern Version

Reference models in acoustics combine professional engineering technologies and an affordable price. Such models are in enormous purchase requirement even after 5 years after their production. It's fantastic to “develop” them – you have to make several modifications only, that a favorite system for many people will be more modern one.

SVEN MS-1820

SVEN Company presented new SVEN MS-1820 speaker system, which is the successor of legendary SPS-820 and SPS-821 models. The speaker system will do to watch movies, listen to the music and sound computer games. The best engineering ideas of ТМ SVEN, which had to stand the test of time and conquered the high appreciation of experts in the sound area, have been incarnated in the models. The system is able to work independently from a computer, notebook or media player, because it has a built-in player of audio files from USB flashes or SD cards. The FM tuner available in the model memorizes up to 40 radio stations.

There are the subwoofer and the system sound controls, the mode switching button, jacks to connect USB flashes, SD/MMC memory cards and the LED display on the front subwoofer panel. The frequency of a selected radio station, as well as the activated operation mode of the system (AUX, FM or MP3) is displayed on the digital display. SVEN MS-1820 can be controlled also with the remote control. The model is very compact and can be placed in the encumbered working space on the table, for example, with a lamp or printer. The subwoofer is designed according to the Band -pass technology, which makes it possible to obtain deeper and more saturated bass. The model design is the ultra-modern one. The shining gloss and subdued luster of the system case mat surface are harmoniously combined with each other. The bold union of different texture materials strengthens the contrast impression and emphasizes the developers’ main idea: SVEN MS-1820 is the classic design in a modern version.


  • MSS is compatible with PCs, DVD/Media-players, mobile devices and other sound sources
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Digital LED display
  • Built-in MP3 player for audio files from USB flash drivers or SD cards
  • Temote control

20.12.2013. SVEN AP-945MV and SVEN AP-940MV. Stylish Headsets for Mobile Devices

SVEN Company presented SVEN AP-940MV and SVEN AP-945MV headsets with big cups for smartphones and iPads. Audio signal is transmitted to the headset by means of 3.5 mm connector of a special design (4 pin), which was intentionally developed for commutation of headsets with smartphones and iPads. The flat cable of the headset is equipped with a microphone and multifunction button to control musical tracks during listening and to receive and terminate calls.

SVEN AP-940MV black-and-white colorSVEN AP-940MV black-and-red color

The models can be used jointly with a computer. There is an adapter for PC or notebook in the package content of headsets. SVEN AP-940MV and SVEN AP-945MV are bright stylish accessories for mobile devices! The closed cup construction insulates external noise and provides maximum sound insulation, so these devices can be used in transport or out of doors. The ideally polished glossy surface reflects light and shines like a mirror.

Both devices in the context of design are executed taking into account main tendencies of fashion progress for headphones and headsets: big cups, massive headband, luster shining, color accents on the background of classic black shapes and strict lines. SVEN AP-940MV is presented in black-and-white and black-and-red colors. SVEN AP-945MV is presented in classic black color.

Features of SVEN AP-940MV:

  • Microphone on flat cable
  • 4 pin connector for mobile device
  • Call receive/Pause button
  • Microphone adapter for PC
  • Comfortable seating

Features of SVEN AP-945MV:

  • Microphone on flat cable
  • 4 pin connector for mobile device
  • Call receive/Pause button
  • Microphone adapter for PC
  • Comfortable seating

20.12.2013. SVEN SPS-707: Near to the Ideal
18.12.2013. SVEN AP-B770MV Headset. Say No to Wires!

SVEN Company presented a new wireless SVEN AP-B770MV headset oriented to operate with smartphones and iPads. The device can be “married” with any sound source, which supports the Bluetooth mode. Soft ear cushions fit tightly an auricle providing high level of noise insulation and comfort when using the headset for several hours. When the device is switched on, a LED indicator begins blinking blue. Then the model can be used as headphones to listen to audio (to start tracks, switch them over and control volume) or as a headset to receive an incoming call, activate the voice activated dialing function. The battery charge is enough practically for twenty-four hours. Operation time of the model is approximately 22 hours.


Ear cushions of the model are of the closed back type, the outer side has an interesting print more closely resembling the shell of a scarab or turtle. As the device supports the Bluetooth mode and there are no wires it eases the life for those people, who use headphones in the municipal transportation every day. Turn-on and volume control buttons of the model are located on the left cup, pause/play and track switching buttons are on the right one. Movable pivot points located near ear cushions make it possible to turn them for ninety degrees. Therefore SVEN AP-B770MV can be easily packed in a suitcase; the headphones do not occupy much place in such a position. And their weight is 200 grams only.


  • 3.0 Bluetooth wireless signal transmission
  • Operation time with battery up to 22 hours
  • Range of action up to10 m
  • Track switching control possibility
  • Call acceptance and voice activated dialing function

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