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19.12.2014. SVEN AP-350M – New Wired Headset for Mobile Devices

A new wired SVEN AP-350M headset for the mobile devices provides perfect sound transmission when listening to music and communication via mobile devices.


Qualitative loudspeakers and the wide frequency range of SVEN AP-350M reproduce any musical compositions clearly, saturated and without distortions.

This model is an indispensable assistant in communication: the sensitive microphone of the headset provides clear and reliable connection when communicating via mobile devices.

The new headset produced by SVEN Company is connected to mobile devices by the use of 3.5 mm (4 pin) removable audio cable. If such a cable catches on something by accident in urban transport or on a hike – it will be disconnected and prevents the headsets against falling off the head. At that, if you do not add additional efforts, it holds up reliably and securely.

SVEN AP-350M has a classic design; it matches well with any modern appliances and will be appropriate both at home and in the office.


  • Microphone on the cable
  • 3.5 mm (4 pin) connector for mobile devices
  • Call acceptance / Pause button
  • Removable audio cable

18.12.2014. Perfect Sound and Maximum Capabilities – New SVEN AP-B470MV Headset

SVEN Company presents a new wireless Bluetooth headset with the extended functional – AP-B470MV. The flag model of a new line is equipped with FM radio, built-in player from micro SD cards and can operate as off-line unit to playback sound. It is not necessary to take a player with you when you have AP-B470MV!

Soft and comfortable ear cushions of AP-B470MV hide modern 40 mm loudspeakers of the headset. Due to the wide frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 KHz the new headset of SVEN Company is able to reproduce all details of music of any genres qualitatively, clearly, up to the minutest nuances. Aggressive, deep basses, fine elaboration of high frequencies, saturated and rich middle frequencies – AP-B470MV will present the whole intimacy of impressions to you when listening even such complicated music compositions as classical music and jazz.


AP-B470MV headset is equipped with a high-speed Bluetooth module and it is able to support steady wireless connection with an audio source within 10 meters. It is able to operate without additional charging up to 10 hours continuously. The wired connection of this model with any playback device is a pleasant bonus, if the battery is discharged at an awkward time. 3.5 mm (3 pin) audio cable is supplied with the headset.

The new product of SVEN Company is equipped with the sensitive wide-angle built-in microphone. It is easy and pleasant to communicate using AP-B470MV – the headset provides qualitative sound transmission during mobile communication.

AP-B470MV is charged through Micro USB-USB universal cable from 5 V power source.

Both women and men will like the stylish and laconic design of the headset.


  • Bluetooth version: 2.1 + EDR
  • Operation distance: up to 10
  • Built-in player for audio files from Micro SD cards (up to 16 GB)
  • Built-in FM tuner with extended range (87.5-108 MHz)
  • Profile support: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Operation mode LED indication
  • Conversation time: up to 10 hours
  • Microphone built in the headphone case
  • Removable cable 1.2 m long with 3.5 mm (3 pin) connector
  • Removable micro USB-USB charging cable

18.12.2014. For The People, Who Appreciate Quality – New Wireless SVEN AP-B350MV and AP-B450MV Bluetooth Headsets

SVEN Company has prepared a surprise for the real music addicts and devotees of stylish, qualitative and modern accessories.

In December 2014, the line of wireless SVEN Bluetooth headsets was replenished with two new models: AP-B350MV and AP-B450MV.

Music of any genres is within the new SVEN headsets’ scope of abilities. Deep rock basses, energy and sharpness of electronic compositions, thin nuances of the classics and jazz – with AP-B350MV and AP-B450MV, due to the wide frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 KHz, your favorite tracks will sound perfectly.


SVEN AP-B350MV and AP-B450MV headsets provide complete freedom of movements to the user due to the built-in 4.0 Bluetooth module – these models are connected to the audio source without cables and they are able to support robust communication with smartphones or tablet PC within 10 meters. The built-in battery is able to operate without additional charging up to 10 hours.

But this is not the whole story!

If a headset is discharged at an awkward time, it can be connected to any playback device with the help of a supplied 3.5 mm (3 pin) audio cable and you can continue to listen to your favorite music compositions.

Soft ear cushions of AP-B350MV and AP-B450MV embrace the auricle tightly and provide good protection against unwanted sounds. The ergonomics design of new headsets provides their comfort seating on the head. Devotees of journeys, undoubtedly, will appreciate highly advantages of AP-B450MV model – this headset has a folding construction and occupies minimum place in baggage.

New products of SVEN Company are equipped with a sensitive wide-angle built-in microphone, which provides the qualitative sound transmission during mobile communication. SVEN AP-B350MV and AP-B450MV are charged through Micro USB-USB universal cable from 5 V power source.

Features of SVEN AP-B350MV:

  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • Operation distance: up to 10 m
  • Profile support: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Operation mode LED indication
  • Conversation time: up to 10 hours
  • Microphone built in the headphone case
  • Removable cable 1.2 m long with 3.5 mm (3 pin) connector
  • Removable micro USB-USB charging cable

Features of SVEN AP-B450MV:

  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • Operation distance: up to 10 m
  • Profile support: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Operation mode LED indication
  • Conversation time: up to 10 hours
  • Microphone built in the headphone case
  • Removable cable 1.2 m long with 3.5 mm (3 pin) connector
  • Removable micro USB-USB charging cable

10.12.2014. SVEN OVP-11F Voltage Relay – Reliable Protection of Home Appliances

With a new OVP-11F voltage relay produced by SVEN Company all appliances in the house will be protected reliably. SVEN OVP-11F подis suitable both for computer equipment and home appliances – TV sets, refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines and other devices can be connected to it. This affordable and effective model will be especially interesting for owners of country cottages and houses, as well as apartments in building of old construction – there will be no problems at all with voltage drops in the power supply network for expensive home appliances with the voltage relay produced by SVEN Company.


SVEN OVP-11F voltage relay has fixed protection parameters against low and high voltage – the operation threshold is equal to 185 V ±3% with undervoltage in the power supply network and 255 V ±3% with the voltage rise. The device responds to deviations from the irregularity maximum quickly – less than for 0.3 second. The turn-on delay function provides an additional effect – it protects electrical equipment against repeated power failures.

SVEN OVP-11F is notable for high quality of components and completely complies with the modern safety standards. The model case is made of a strong noncombustible plastic. The relay has a ground contact and an the output socket is equipped with protection shutters.


  • Protection of connected devices against high/low overvoltage in the power supply network
  • Turn-on delay for protection against repeated failures
  • Fixed protection parameters and turn-on delay time (180 sec.)
  • Voltage relay status indication

09.12.2014. SVEN OVP-17P Voltage Relay – Controllable Protection of Home Appliances

New SVEN OVP-17P voltage relay is an excellent solution to protect any home appliances against impulse interference and power surges in the power supply network. The model will protect against breakdowns not only computer equipment – it is also suitable for any appliances: air conditioners, washing machines, TV sets and other expensive home devices exigent to the voltage quality in the power supply network.


SVEN OVP-17P voltage relay is an irreplaceable device in summer cottages and in houses, where the electric wiring did not change for a long time. The new product produced by SVEN Company has programmable disconnection thresholds and the turn-on delay time function for the additional protection against repeated failures in the power network. All settings of the voltage relay are stored in the nonvolatile memory of the device – all programmed operation parameters will be saved even after the complete de-energizing of premises. The model is equipped with LED display for additional comfort in use – it displays current voltage in the power network and parameters being assigned.

The design of OVP-17P complies with the most modern safety requirements. The relay case is made of durable noncombustible white plastic. The output socket has protective shutters. The model is also equipped with the protective grounding contact.


  • Protection of connected devices against high/low voltage in the power supply network
  • Protection of connected devices against impulse noises in the power supply network
  • Programmable disconnection thresholds and turn-on delay time (up to 999 sec.)
  • Multifunctional LED display to show operation parameters
  • Nonvolatile memory of programmed settings

29.10.2014. SVEN Company Became a Partner of 11th Republican IT Sports Contest in Minsk

A few days ago, a regular medal set of the 11th IT sports contest was awarded – within the framework of a table tennis tournament. SVEN Company was a special partner of the event and rewarded the tournament winners with valuable prizes.

Five hours of the intense opposition at tennis tables demonstrated that within one year the alignment of forces in team championship changed considerably: beginners at the tournament confidently joined the struggle for leadership between the prizewinners of the past season. On the whole, the debut of sportsmen of Creacept Company was crowned with the bronze medal, the second place won the team of EPAM Systems Company and SoftClub Company was the triumpher of the tournament, which was able to rise in the tournament table two steps higher as compared with the last sport season. The best racket of the table tennis tournament was Vitaly Rychkov, also a representative of SoftClub team.

Prizewinners of the 11th IT Sports Contest

Prizewinners were awarded with cups, medals, letters of commendation and souvenirs of the 11th IT Sports Contest.

SVEN Company, a producer of speaker systems and high-quality devices for computer periphery, provided gifts to all prizewinners of the table tennis tournament. Players of the team, which won the 1st place, got системы SVEN MS-3000 speaker system aspiring to Hi-Fi sounding level in every sense. SVEN SEB-250M headsets, which provide the excellent quality of sounding and sound picture transmission during listening to music and video, were presented to the silver and bronze prizewinners, as well as to the best player of the table tennis tournament.

The same headsets will be presented as gifts to participants, who win the “Best Player” title in mini-soccer and volleyball tournaments.

The team captain of SoftClub Company Valery Mamonov thinks that it is impossible to be not fans of their sport hobby in order to play on the high level and win victories even in amateur tournaments. The captain of the winner-team confessed that a possibility to win high-quality devices from the table tennis tournament sponsor – SVEN Company – was a good incentive to the victory:

– We were pleasantly surprised by boxes with SVEN speaker systems before the tournament starting and we marked with colleagues for ourselves – such prizes are worth to struggle for them. Thanks to the sponsors and organizers for excellent gifts!

23.10.2014. SVEN 312 – Maximum Sound at Affordable Price

New SVEN 312 speaker system in spite of its compact dimensions sounds loudly and clearly. This is the excellent solution for those people, who do not want to overpay for an excess functional, but at that appreciate qualitative and reliable things.

SVEN 312

SVEN 312 will be equally good for both the house and the office. The model case is made of black glossy plastic. These speakers are simple and easy-to-use – LED power indicator, volume control and power on button are located on the front panel. SVEN 312 is connected to the computer through 3.5 mm mini-jack and is powered through USB.


  • Glossy black surface
  • Volume level control
  • Powered through USB

22.10.2014. Stylish and Compact SVEN 249 Speakers

This model will occupy a minimum place on the table. Thin and stylish speakers of SVEN 249 with aluminum decoration perfectly combine with modern models of digital devices and successfully fit into the interior of workplace. And, of course, the model perfectly copes with its main basic task – its sound is equal to the occasion: loud and clear.

SVEN 249

SVEN 249 speaker system is connected to the computer through 3.5 mm mini-jack and is powered through USB. A volume control, power on switch and jacks for headphones and microphone are located on the rear panel of speakers.


  • Headphones and microphone jacks
  • Power supply through USB port
  • Volume control
  • Aluminum front panel

21.10.2014. New SVEN RX-150 USB+PS/2 Mouse is Suitable for Everybody

SVEN Company presents a new product of the autumn of 2014 RX-150 USB+PS/2 mouse.

The easy-to-use mouse will suit both for right-handed persons and for left-handed persons. It lies comfortably in hand and it operates practically along any surface. RX-150 USB+PS/2 has been developed with the use of high-precision optical technology – this mouse is a joy to operate with it.


USB-PS/2 adapter connector is supplied in the package content of SVEN RX-150 USB+PS/2 mouse: it can be connected both to modern computers and notebooks and to PC of old generationя.


  • High-precision optical technology
  • Operates practically on any surface
  • Rubber insert on scroll wheel
  • Suitable for left-handers

20.10.2014. Power Control. New Keyboard SVEN Standard 303 Power

With a new SVEN Standard 303 Power keyboard you will be able to turn off your computer with a simple button pressure – Power and Sleep shortcut keys are responsible for the power control. No excess manipulations with the mouse are required! One touch – and the work is over.

SVEN Standard 303 Power

The black classic SVEN Standard 303 Power keyboard has an easy-to-use considered design. It does both for new and old models of PC: USB adapter connector to PS/2 is included in the package content of the keyboard.


  • Ergonomic design
  • High-quality membrane
  • Standard set of keys
  • Two additional control keys
  • Comfort, quiet and precise keystroke
  • USB adapter connector to PS/2 included
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8

17.10.2014. AP-895MV Headset – Brutal Appearance and Powerful Sound

КомпSVEN Company presents a new AP-895MV headset for connoisseurs of surround and powerful sound.

This headset will do both for PC and for any mobile devices – notebooks, tablet PCs, smartphones and players. AP-895MV will present the real pleasure to you when listening to music of any genres, because improved materials of loudspeakers enable to expose all nuances of a musical composition. Rock, jazz, classics, modern electronic music – AP-895MV headset is able to playback every musical track of your collection. And movies and computer games with this SVEN headset are even more interesting – the playback quality of sound special effects is high, AP-895MV creates the total presence effect.


AP-895MV headset design attracts the attention at once: it looks thoroughly and brutal. Big ear cushions with soft leather finishing embrace the ear completely providing the excellent protection against unwanted sounds. The cases of ear cushions are decorated with an unusual catchy picture – bullet marks. Gamers and devotees of real male entertainments will like such decoration. The headband of the model can be adjusted throughout the height. There is also a soft material and skin insertion on the inside. You can carry such headset for the whole day – it does not weigh anywhere due to its considered construction. Nothing will be able to distract you from your favorite activity with AP-895MV.

A flexible sliding microphone is built in the left ear cushion case of AP-895MV headset, if the model is used for listening to music, its microphone can be removed into the ear cushion completely. In service the pull-out microphone provides excellent quality of the voice transmission without interference and distortions.

With this headset of SVEN Company you will be kept in touch continuously – its sensitive microphone will prevent your words against losing in the street noise. AP-895MV is the maximum comfort during telephone or network communication. It is an excellent assistant in your work, study and entertainments.

The volume control of the headset is located on the cable. The efficient and durable cable of the device is made of strong material in fabric braid – it becomes disentangled easily and will serve for you for many years.

Гарнитура SVEN AP-895MV headset is compatible with mobile devices – its cable is equipped with 4-pin plug for connection to smartphones, notebooks and tablet PCs. The model has 4-pin to 2x3-pin adapter connector for connection to PC. SVEN AP-895MV is a practical and universal solution for work, for the house and journeys.

The new AP-895MV headset is an excellent choice for those people, who appreciate the quality.


  • 3.5 mm (4-pin) plug for connection to PC and mobile devices
  • Pull-out microphone
  • Volume control on the cable
  • Ø 2*3.5 мм (3-pin) PC adapter connector

16.10.2014. New SEB-260M Headset is Available for Sale

SVEN SEB-260M canal type headset is an excellent choice for those people, who appreciate mobility and communication. Convenience, nice sound and sensitive microphone – what is needed more for devotees to speak with friends on the telephone and to listen to music during a journey?


SEB-260M is produced in two colors: black and white and it harmonizes perfectly with most mobile devices. The model has two pairs of removable ear cushions of different sizes, so this headset of SVEN Company will do for everybody. The removable pairs of ear cushions correspond to the anatomic features of most users of devices. They stay to in the ear perfectly and will not fall out at the most inopportune moment – devotees of sports and outdoor activity will appreciate this feature.

SEB-260M headset is very comfortable and ready to work at any time. You can put it in your bag or pocket and be fully confident that its flat cable will not tangle. You will not have to untangle cables instead of enjoying music and communication. The headset cable is equipped with a microphone and call acceptance/pause button. The cable can be fixed on the garments using a special clothespin.


  • 3.5 mm (4-pin) plug for connection to mobile devices
  • Call acceptance/Pause button
  • Flat non-tangling cable
  • Two pairs of additional removable ear plugs

15.10.2014. Review of SVEN SEB Earphones: Miss, Do You Want Sapphire or Ruby Earphones? Or Do You Want to Listen to Music?
10.10.2014. New Gaming Keyboard SVEN Challenge 9500

SVEN Company presents its new product of autumn 2014 – gaming keyboard Challenge 9500.

SVEN Challenge 9500

It is easy and nice to game using SVEN Challenge 9500. The ergonomic keyboard case is made of mat black plastic. The keys required during games are distinguished with bright blue color. The keyboard is equipped with eight additional replaceable keycaps – if desired everybody can to change the appearance of Challenge 9500 according to his taste. Less than one minute will be required for the keyboard transformation. Traditional black keys can be placed instead of bright gaming keys – with such appearance it will look more serious and will not attract unnecessary attention of parents or colleagues.

Challenge 9500 keyboard is equipped with 10 shortcut buttons for quick access to multimedia applications and Internet.


  • Ergonomic gaming design
  • High-quality membrane
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Comfort, quiet and precise keystroke
  • 8 additional replaceable keycaps for gaming included
  • 10 shortcut buttons for Multimedia, Internet and other applications

09.10.2014. Active SVEN Royal 2R Speaker System: Gold Bullet as Effective Means to Improve Sound
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