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17.07.2014. New affordable AP-150MV computer headset of high quality

SVEN AP-150MV headphones with microphone

SVEN Company presented a new affordable model of headphones with microphone – SVEN AP-150MV in the brand-name package, which is designed for the use mainly with PCs or notebooks.

AP-150MV packed

Due to application of the newest developments and high-quality materials, AP-150MV headset differs with its sufficient sound insulation and irreproachable sound quality.

SVEN AP-150MV stereo headphones

The model has a microphone built in the rotary arm and ideally does not only for music listening and watching movies, but also for computer games and voice chat via Internet.

Rotary microphone arm

Adjustable headband of the device provides the comfortable fit of the headset on the head. A rotary microphone arm enables to adjust the microphone at the optimal distance for a user. The headphones have a cable 2.2 m long with two 3.5 mm mini jacks. The volume control in SVEN AP-150MV model is located on the cable, and it is very convenient for a user.

Volume control on the cable

The lightweight construction of SVEN AP-150MV computer headset will do first of all for those people, whose work is related to constant speaking. The device is practically not felt on the head even after several hours of work due to its shape, manufacturing materials and weight.

Market appearance of SVEN AP-150MV headphones will gladden, undoubtedly, devotees of high-quality multimedia sounding, the more so because its democratic cost will not hit a pocket.

10.07.2014. AP-B770MV. Wireless Bluetooth Headset

SVEN AP-B770MV wireless headset

SVEN Company presented a light full-size SVEN AP-B770MV headset with an unnoticeable built-in microphone and wireless connection support, oriented to operation with smartphones and tablet PCs. The device can be connected to any sound source, which supports the Bluetooth mode.

AP-B770MV packed

The headset is for sale in a qualitative company box, which is easily opened. For example, headsets can be unpacked just near the counter to check the sound quality. The mini USB cable for battery charging, as well as the User's Manual and warranty card are supplied (see photo below) jointly with the headset.

User's Manual and warranty card

The ear cushions are of the closed type, with soft cushions they fit tightly auricles, provide the high level of noise insulation and comfort when using the headsets within several hours. The headband is adjustable in quite wide limits, therefore the headsets have good compatibility.

AP-B770MV wireless headset

Only Bluetooth is used for connection to sound sources, because the model does not have an analog input. The headset is set according to the standard schedule and additional functions appear during the connection mode. The headset has mini USB jack to charge the battery, built-in microphone, buttons to control the volume level and tracks: stop/pause, next and previous track. So, the buttons make it possible not only to control the volume level but to switch over tracks remotely. And the built-in microphone in the left cup enables to answer incoming calls.

Headphones cups of AP-B770MV

When the device is turned on, the LED indicator starts to blink blue color. Then the model can be used as headphones to listen to audio (to start tracks, switch them over, control volume level) or as a headset, to accept an incoming call, activate the voice-activated dialing function. The battery charge suffices practically for the whole day and night – approximately for 22 hours. The Bluetooth mode support by the device and the absence of wires simplify greatly the life of those people who use headphones every day in the city transport.

Movable pivot points located close to ear cushions enable to rotate them through 90 degrees. Therefore, SVEN AP-B770MV can be easily packed in a bag or suitcase. The headsets will not take a great deal of space in such position. And their weight is only 210 g.

AP-B770MV folded


  • 3.0 Bluetooth wireless signal transmission
  • Operation time with battery up to 22 hours
  • Range of action up to10 m
  • Track switching control possibility
  • Call acceptance and voice activated dialing function .

19.06.2014. New SVEN USB Chargers are Available for Sale

The assortment of ТМ SVEN has been replenished by four new models of mains and car USB chargers.

SVEN C-103, C-123 and C-127 car USB chargers are designed for power supply and charging mobile telephones, smartphones, GPS navigation devices, MP3 players, pocket PCs, tablet PCs and other portable digital gadgets. They are equipped with two USB ports, connected through the cigarette lighter socket and provide power supply to devices from the car on-board power system.

SVEN C-123 SVEN C-127
SVEN C-123 SVEN C-127

C-123 and C-127 models with input voltage 12-24 V are universal models, they are suitable to be used both in motor cars and in motor trucks.

SVEN C-103 is a handy low-cost 12 V voltage model to charge portable digital devices from a car cigarette lighter.

SVEN Н-113 mains charger will help to charge digital portable appliances from an ordinary wall socket. Thanks to its compact size it can be taken along for journeys – with new SVEN Н-113 your mobile devices will be in operating condition at all times.

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15.04.2014. SVEN MS-1040. Breaking Stereotypes

A new thing is able to surprise, however, when it has become a widespread and everyday thing, it declines in everyday vanity and is forgotten. It should seem that it is a cost effective multimedia speaker system – what anything new can be invented there? However SVEN Company has managed to refute stereotypes once again.

The knowledge of life prompts us that clothes count for first impressions, that is why we’ll start with the “clothes”. The black-and-red suit of 2.1 MS-1040 multimedia speaker system brings up at once an association with “Star Wars” or something similar. The space appearance of MS-1040 model and a specific remote control create surroundings of intergalactic communication, where the sound is the main means of communication.

2.1 MS-1040 Multimedia Speaker System

The package content of MS-1040 consists of a small subwoofer with a side phase inverter port (145 mm loudspeaker proper is hidden inside the device), 2 two-way satellites with removable grills and richly-red glossy cases on the exquisite metal support legs, as well as a remote volume control with enormous rubberized puck. This unit, i.e. the wire control unit (see the photo below), has an additional 3.5 mm linear input as well, which makes it possible to connect quickly a portable player or any other appropriate device without creeping under the table in search of the main pair of RCA connectors on the subwoofer rear panel. It must not be also done for switching on/off speakers –a big power button on the subwoofer facade highlighted with red diodes strikes the eyes at once.

Wire Control Unit of MS-1040

The construction of satellites must make glad music lovers even more: two 70 mm squawkers are located just near a silk dome tweeter. 2 two-way satellites jointly with the subwoofer create the full-fledged stereo system, which is able to sound a middle-sized room.

Two-Way Speakers of MS-1040


  • Easy connection to various sound sources
  • Two-way satellites with silk HF loudspeakers
  • General volume control on the remote control
  • Separate volume control of the subwoofer
  • 3.5 mm mini-jack connector on the remote control for an additional sound source
  • Magnetic shielding
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26.03.2014. Portable Batteries Are Irreplaceable Assistants in Case of Emergency!

When it is warm in the street, we constantly go fishing, go to beaches, summer cottages, to the forest and for barbecue, we go in for sports and travel a lot. Modern activity holidays away from home are not an occasion any more to abandon thecomfort and modern technologies. And modern accessories will help you to do this, in particular, portable batteries of SVEN company.

The line of accessories of SVEN Company was replenished with absolute new products, i.e. MP-2214, MP-4017, MP-4416 and MP-6625 universal portable batteries. They are designed for non-stationary recharging of the majority of such modern mobile devices, as mobile telephones, smartphones, pocket PCs, iPads, portable players, GPS navigators, e-books, digital cameras and video cameras, game consoles and other devices. These portable batteries will provide the abovementioned devices with necessary reserve power supply during journeys and trips. Portable batteries, they are named also as PowerBanks or UMBs (universal mobile batteries), combine compact dimensions and high capacity to charge most of the mobile devices.

Capacity of the presented portable batteries is from 2200 to 6600 мA∙h, the output current hesitates within the range of 500 – 1500 мА. It is quite sufficient to charge most telephones, smartphones, iPads and e-books. It is pertinent to note that MP-2214, MP-4017, MP-4416 and MP-6625 batteries relate to the intellectual type of charging devices.

Several words about the design features of the presented models. MP-2214 is equipped with an indicator, the color of which changes at the low and full battery discharge. Other batteries are equipped with 4 indicators displaying the residual charge level (approximately 25 % each) of the battery.

MP-2214 portable battery

There is a bright LED flashlight on the butt end of MP-4416 battery; to turn it on/off you will have to press the battery on/off button.

MP-4416 portable battery

MP-6625 has 2 USB ports to charge two mobile devices with the output current 1000 and 1500 мА accordingly, as well as a LED flashlight.

MP-6625 portable battery

Lithium-polymer technology has been applied in MP-4017 model. Advantages of lithium-polymer batteries as compared to widespread lithium-ion batteries in mobile equipment are the following: lower self-discharge, high energy density per unit of volume and mass (i.e. the capacity of batteries was increased with less dimensions and weight), great operating life and safety as compared to lithium-ion versions. At the same time, in order to increase the battery operation life, such a battery must be charged to the maximum of its capacity during the very first charging; in future we recommend not to discharge the battery in full, but if it has happened, you have to charge the battery again as quick as possible.

MP-4017 portable battery

If you use mobile devices intensively, then a light and inexpensive external portable battery will be an indispensable assistant for you in case of emergency. You will not depend on the charge capacity of your telephone under any conditions!

Features of portable batteries:

  • Protection against the full discharge, overcharge, overload and short circuit
  • Low self-discharge
  • Memory effect absence
  • Auto Sleep function to disconnect the device, when unused for a long time
  • Charging level indication
  • Easy-to-use, high coefficient of efficiency
  • USB Am to micro USB cable included.

25.03.2014. Exclusive Interview with SVEN Company Representatives
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24.03.2014. Replenishment in SVEN Accessory Line

New Products of Card Readers

On holidays and vacations many people visit beautiful places and make interesting photographs, as well as they shoot movies. Modern mobile telephones, smartphones and iPads make it possible to save unforgettable moments of our lives. New АС-115 and АС-116 card readers are designed to read/record modern memory cards (CF, MD, SD, SDHC, MMC, TF, Micro SD, M2, XD, MS, MS PRO, MS Duo, MS PRO Duo, etc.) and will help you to organize an unforgettable slide show of the best pictures and video on your notebook or computer! Card readers do not reduce speed of transfers, which is required for rapid data communication and full utilization of memory cards. Small size and lightweight of card readers enable to use them at any time, because they can be ready to your hands at all times.

АС-115 card reader

АС-116 card reader

Features of AC-115 and AC-116 card readers:

  • Compatibility with USB 2.0
  • Support all the most widespread memory cards
  • Operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Macintosh OS 9.0 and higher, Linux 2.4.x or higher
  • Light indication of power supply and reading/recording
  • USB cable included
  • Additional power supply not required.

New USB Hubs

Nowadays practically every computer or notebook is equipped with several USB ports, but in the short run during active use of a PC you begin to understand that available ports have been already lacking. This is due to the fact that not only keyboards and computer mice are connected to computers, but as well as other devices, telephones, players, graphics pads, play stations and a host of other things. USB hubs, portable small devices, with the help of which you can easy increase the number of USB ports, are designed to solve this problem. In its turn, all other devices with USB outputs are connected to them. New improved НВ-011, НВ-012 end НВ-014 USB 4-port hubs of SVEN Company will provide you efficiently with additional USB ports in an office or at home.

НВ-011 USB hub

НВ-014 USB hub

НВ-012 USB hub

Features of USB hubs:

  • 4 USB ports
  • Compact size
  • Compatibility with Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Built-in USB cable (HB-012 and HB-014 models) or USB cable included (HB-011).

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