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19.03.2015. Comparative Review of Wireless Stereo Headphones SVEN AP-B350MV, AP-B450MV, AP-B470MV and AP-B770MV
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18.03.2015. Review and Tests of SVEN AP-B450MV. Advanced Wireless Headset
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12.03.2015. Review of Inexpensive 5.1 SVEN HT-200 Speaker System
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27.02.2015. Good Bye, Socket! Testing of Three External SVEN Batteries
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25.02.2015. Review and Tests of SVEN AP-B470MV. Advanced Wireless Headset
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11.02.2015. Good Purchase – RX-112 Wired Mouse

SVEN Company presents a new RX-112 wired mouse.

RX-112 mouse operates stably on any surfaces due to its precise optical sensor. The scroll wheel with rubberized nonskid coating provides additional comfort when using the mouse.


The symmetric case of the model is made of qualitative black plastic. The mouse lies comfortably in the hand – the novelty will be comfortable both for left-handers and for right-handers.

RX-112 wired mouse is one of the most advantageous offers in the assortment of SVEN. This model is an ideal solution for work and studies. A qualitative and inexpensive device will be a reliable assistant for students, schoolchildren and office employees.


  • Symmetric form
  • Rubberized scroll wheel
  • Precise optical sensor
  • Ease of connection

10.02.2015. Wireless Power Efficiency – SVEN Elegance 5800 Wireless Keyboard

New SVEN Elegance 5800 Wireless keyboard is a nice solution for those people who appreciate style, convenience and new technologiesи.

The slim black case of SVEN Elegance 5800 Wireless keyboard harmonizes perfectly with the most modern computers.

SVEN Elegance 5800 Wireless

The novelty of SVEN Company provides complete freedom to a user in the choice of place for working and maximum comfort in its use. The low-profile keys of Elegance 5800 Wireless have smooth stroke and they are absolutely noiseless – this feature will please the people who like to work late into the night at the computer. Besides the standard keys this model is equipped with an additional shortcut key to the browser.

When developing Elegance 5800 Wireless keyboard the most attention has been concentrated on its power efficiency by engineers of SVEN Company – the model saves power economically, this provides high operation duration from one battery.


  • Slim design
  • Standard keyboard layout
  • Low-profile keys with smooth stroke
  • Shortcut key to browser

09.02.2015. Slim Classics – SVEN Elegance 5800 Wired Keyboard

A new SVEN Elegance 5800 wired keyboard is a stylish solution in a slim black case.

Devotees of fashionable and modern things will estimate the design of the model. The keyboard is made of black plastic of high quality; the texture finishing of the top panel imitates coarse polished metal.

SVEN Elegance 5800

The classic layout of SVEN Elegance 5800 keyboard is added with a shortcut key to the browser – a user can open any favorite page in the Internet at the click of the key. Specialists working with large volumes of texts will estimate soft, precise and quiet keystroke of this model.

The novelty is connected to a computer via USB interface and has three standard layouts: Russian, English and Ukrainian.


  • Slim design
  • Standard keyboard layout
  • Low-profile keys with smooth stroke
  • Shortcut key to browser

06.02.2015. SVEN is PC Magazine/RE Reader's Choice Prize Winner in “Periphery and Accessories” Nomination

January issue of PC Magazine/RE journal published the results of the annual survey of companies and service centers about the quality of IT devices and service level in Russia.

SVEN is PC Magazine/RE Reader's Choice Prize Winner in “Periphery and Accessories” Nomination

The award of PC Magazine/RE Reader's Choice in “Periphery and Accessories” nomination has got SVEN Company (Certificate / Reader’s Choice / PC Magazine/Russian Edition awards SVEN TM as a prize-winner of the readers' award in “Periphery and Accessories” nomination according to the annual results of the “Service and Quality of 2014” survey / January 2015).

We appreciate our partners and consumers for the support and hope for fruitful collaboration in 2015.

04.02.2015. Compact Wall Automatic Voltage Regulators AVR SLIM

SVEN TM presents novelties: wall automatic voltage regulators AVR SLIM-500 LCD and AVR SLIM-1000 LCD.

Wall automatic voltage regulator SVEN AVR SLIM-500 LCD

Wall automatic voltage regulators AVR SLIM-500 LCD and AVR SLIM-1000 LCD are designed to supply stabilized voltage to household appliances in conditions of voltage deviations of the single-phase power supply system of lower or higher admissible value. Automatic voltage regulators provide protection of connected electrical appliances and realize their safe connection after power failure removal.

Wall automatic voltage regulator SVEN AVR SLIM-1000 LCD

The extended rating of input voltages (140 – 260 V) enables to provide the power supply to appliances even in conditions of critical power supply state. Automatic voltage regulators with different nominal powers up to 400 W (AVR SLIM-500 LCD) and up to 800 W (AVR SLIM-1000 LCD) make it possible to select optimal choice of a model for certain tasks of a user.

The use of microprocessor in the electronic circuit of an automatic voltage regulator enables to realize the following function package – the extended precision of output voltage regulation, display of a current input/output voltage value on LCD display of the front panel, display of AVR status, PAUSE function with the controlled power supply delay (within 6 or 180 sec.) after its resumption, protection against high/low voltage in the power supply network, against high-frequency and impulse interferences, protection of AVR against overload and short circuit. In addition, automatic voltage regulators have thermal protection of the autotransformer.

Compact automatic voltage regulators AVR SLIM-500 LCD and AVR SLIM-1000 LCD have an attractive modern design, as well as wall fasteners. The control panel is located on the right side wall. Constructively AVRs have strong metal housings, due to which they can be installed not only in technical premises, but also in the immediate vicinity with connected devices.

Control panel


  • Microprocessor control
  • Extended precision of output voltage regulation
  • Protection of devices-consumers against high/low voltage in the power supply network, against high-frequency and impulse interferences
  • Protection of AVR against overload and short circuit
  • Thermal protection of autotransformer
  • PAUSE function for power supply delay (within 6 or 180 sec.) after its resumption
  • Digital indicator of input/output voltage on the front panel
  • Slim metal housing with wall-mounting fasteners

22.01.2015. New SVEN НВ-401 and SVEN НВ-444 USB Hubs

Currently a constantly increasing number of peripheral devices required to a computer user is being produced, where a connection technology by the name USB (Universal Serial Bus) is used. They are keyboards, computer mice, external hard disks, modems, flash drives, smartphones, tablet PCs, digital cameras and many other devices, which are connected to the computer by USB port. That is why nowadays many users of PCs suffer from the shortage of USB ports with the abundance of USB devices.

In order to solve the problem of required number of USB ports, it is necessary just to purchase a USB hub – a small device with several USB ports connected directly to one of USB ports of a PC. The USB hub makes it possible not only to connect more peripheral USB devices, but also to reduce the mechanical wear of USB ports of a computer, as well as it facilitates the process of their use. Many advanced users, for example, have already had time to be convinced of advantages of such USB hubs as SVEN НВ-011, SVEN НВ-012 and SVEN НВ-014.

New 4-port SVEN НВ-401 (black and white) and SVEN НВ-444 (black) USB hubs of SVEN Company provide not only three additional USB ports to a user, but they enable also to solve a problem to place connected peripheral USB devices and the hub, because the USB cable length built in hubs makes 1.2 meter.

SVEN НВ-401 USB hub

SVEN НВ-444 USB hub

SVEN НВ-401 and SVEN НВ-444 USB hubs are supplied in the gift package.

Package of SVEN НВ-401 USB hub

Package of SVEN НВ-444 USB hub

We hope that the original design of SVEN НВ-401 and SVEN НВ-444 USB hubs will make their use not only useful, but quite pleasant as well.


  • Modern innovative design
  • Compact 4-port USB hub
  • Built-in USB cable
  • Compatibility with Windows XP/Vista/7/8

21.01.2015. Advantageous Offer – New SVEN MS-90 Speaker System

The range of 2.1 speaker systems produced by SVEN Company has been increased with a next new product. SVEN MS-90 multimedia speakers is an excellent solution for practical connoisseurs of computer periphery of high quality!


In spite of their tiny dimensions SVEN MS-90 have unexpectedly low and deep bass due to the use of a separate 5 W subwoofer. 60 mm broadband loudspeakers of satellites provide the saturated sound and its good detailing.

The separate controls of master volume level and subwoofer volume make it possible to adjust the low frequency level according to a user’s taste. Volume and bass controls are located on the front panel of the case – every control is ready to your hand at any time.

The case of the new product is made of MDF with the elegant black glossy finishing. The model combines with modern LSD monitors perfectly.

SVEN MS-90 is an optimum balance of quality, reliability and affordability for the consumer!


  • Elegant black surface
  • Built-in stabilized (switch-mode) power supply unit
  • Master volume control and bass control

14.01.2015. Review of SVEN AP-B770MV Wireless Headset: for Every Day
12.01.2015. New SVEN SEB-115 Earphones are Available for Sale

SVEN product range has been increased by another new product. SEB-115 is a practical and convenient solution for those people, who appreciate things of high quality at affordable price.


SVEN stereo earphones of channel type have enhanced sound transmission system. They are equipped with a cable 1.2 m long and L-shaped 3.5 mm (3-pin) plug for connection to playback devices. The cable of SEB-115 does not tangle due to its fabric braid – you will not have to untangle the earphones for a long time when removing them from a pocket.

The model has two sets of removable earplugs.


  • Stereo earphones of channel type
  • Enhanced sound transmission system
  • Non-tangling cable with fabric braid

23.12.2014. Review of Affordable SVEN MS-1820 2.1 Speaker System
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