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SVEN PS-1500 mobile speaker system — music for a big party

The lineup of our company offers is regularly diversified not only by compact portable speakers, but also by large party speaker systems capable of turning virtually any space into a dance floor. We have already introduced a whole series of such devices, but the SVEN PS-1500 is something else entirely. Whopping 500 W of power enable this system to fill with sound a large room or you to host an outdoor disco party. And the vibrant dynamic lighting will add a burst of color to your party and help create a festive atmosphere.

SVEN PS-1500 party speaker system
SVEN PS-1500 party speaker system

The sound is generated by the combined performance of four speakers — two 6.5-inch drivers for the low and mid-range frequencies, along with two 2-inch tweeters. They’re housed inside a wooden MDF cabinet, which has less internal resonance than a plastic one, resulting in denser sound with good attack and within a wide frequency range — from 40 to 20,000 Hz. Surely, the device is far from miniature-sized, with dimensions of 345×330×953 mm and a substantial weight of 13 kg. Meanwhile the speaker still manages to remain portable, thanks to the convenient handles and transport wheels.

The SVEN PS-1500 lets you share your favorite music with others quickly and with ease – the Bluetooth or NFC connection to the source device is a matter of seconds. A special holder on the top panel will make you forget all worries about where to put the connected mobile device. There is a built-in radio receiver for those who trust radio hosts to select their music. The collectors among music enthusiasts who always carry their favorite tunes on them will be pleased to know that this speaker comes with a built-in audio files player from USB drives.

The built-in tone equalizer enables you to adjust the tonal balance to the environment and user preference — it makes SVEN PS-1500 sound exactly the way you want it to. And for those who love that “pumping” bass, there's a dedicated Bass Boost function that gives extra power and volume to the low-frequency range. A bright high-contrast LED display showing all the essential information is there to help you configure the device.

The SVEN PS-1500 is a device for those who not only love to listen to music but also enjoy playing it themselves. The microphone line-in has a karaoke function, which gives to the voice extra volume with the help of a built-in echo effect, while the line-in for the guitar or other musical instruments allows for a “live” accompaniment. With these capabilities the SVEN PS-1500 can find applications not only among enthusiasts, but also within the professional circles of the entertainment industry, while costing less than similarly powerful and capable professional solutions — something you can already see for yourself today in the catalogs of electronics stores - this addition is already available.