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SVEN PS-315 portable speaker — powerful bass and spectacular lighting

Introducing the Bluetooth speaker PS-315, packed with the most sought-after features— from excellent sound with a volumetric low-frequency range to stunning multicolored lighting. Even the most demanding users are going to find everything they need in this sound system. The 45mm drivers deliver high-quality sound, and passive radiators add a powerful and tight bass that will undoubtedly please music enthusiasts. The system boasts an impressive for its size 20 watts of power - enough volume to throw a real party.

SVEN PS-315 portable speaker
SVEN PS-315 portable speaker

The stylish yet stringent design of this system will look great in any situation, and the vibrant multi-colored lighting makes it easy to set the right mood, whether you're at a lively backyard gathering or a romantic seaside rendezvous. You can take SVEN PS-315 anywhere without worry - it's not afraid of splashes or rain, thanks to its IPx6 protection. The convenient strap allows you to not only carry the speaker from place to place but also hang it from a branch, which is especially handy during camping or picnics.

You can connect it either via Bluetooth or using a cable, depending on your chosen source and user preferences. And if you pair two PS-315 speakers, you can achieve even greater volume and a pronounced stereo effect since they support wireless connection to a single device. If an external source isn't readily available, no problem – the player built into the PS-315 can play audio files from external sources like microSD and USB flash drives. You don't have to worry about battery life either, as the 2200mAh lithium-ion battery ensures long hours of uninterrupted use.

SVEN PS-315 is the portable speaker for those who prefer highly versatile devices and aren't willing to compromise. What's more, the cost of the speaker has been kept at a level that makes it affordable for a wide range of buyers – something you can already see for yourself today in the catalogs of major electronics and home appliance stores.