The gorgeous USB sound of SVEN 445 multimedia 2.0 speakers

The new SVEN 445 speakers are fitted with excellent drivers and impressive integral lighting for a rich sound accompaniment of legendary game battles or for simple playback of your favorite tunes from a smartphone or PC. Make Use of FTW!

SVEN 445 Multimedia 2.0 Speaker
SVEN 445 Multimedia 2.0 Speaker

Along with providing powerful sound, these speakers burst with color! The multicolor LED dynamic integral lighting in combination with the matte black casing fits in harmoniously with any play station configuration. The front panel of each speakers accommodates two versicolored illuminated circles. You can deactivate the lighting using a sensor on the upper panel. The sounds of a game world in combination with the light effects will instantly isolate you from reality. You will surely have an entire spectrum of impressions.

Two 65mm drivers with a peak power of 6W ensure optimum quality and powerful depth of your game sounds within the frequency range of 90Hz to 20,000Hz. Besides, headphones and a microphone may be connected to the speakers. SVEN 445 are powered via a USB port from a desktop PC, laptop or a 5VDC unit. You will not have to look for an additional receptacle, and there will be less hanging wires on the table. SVEN 445 gaming 2.0 multimedia speakers are provided with an integrated acoustic cable and an integrated signal cable. This facilitates connection to a desktop PC, a laptop, an MP3 player or a smartphone.

With the exciting low frequencies, the high sound quality, and the eye-catching design, SVEN 445 USB gaming speakers with dynamic integral lighting are designed to win!