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10.03.2009. SVEN STREAM – Professional Technologies at Your Home! New 2.0 Speaker System

SVEN TM presents monitor type multimedia speaker system. Recently such technologies were used only in specific studio equipment. The main innovation brought to SVEN STREAM system is the split phase linear amplifying of frequency bands. It’s achieved both by acoustic and electrical means: coordination of drivers on the section frequency in the active 4th order filter. As a rule, comparatively cheap speaker systems are produced without any attention given to this aspect. This results in perceivable unpleasant effects leading to sound distortion. At that, aurally one observes a bad stereo panorama and specific sound. This effect is completely neutralized in SVEN STREAM with the amplifier made according to the Bi-amp circuit with active crossover, which means amplifying each frequency channel separately. Such innovations virtually exclude sound distortion. SVEN STREAM can be used as a monitor for home sound record studios of entry level.

The headphones jack, volume and timbre level controls of the new model are located on the front panel. Due to that, the adjustment of settings is very convenient, as they are always close at hand. There are inputs for connecting various audio devices on the rear panel: PCs, DVD/MP3 players. The system is supplied with all cables required: a connection cable and signal input cable.

SVEN STREAM provides powerful 80 W sound for any purposes: games, movies, favorite music. This is a professional solution, affordable to everyone!

16.02.2009. SVEN Company Has Produced a New Model of Tiny SEB 10 BK Earphones

The model is represented in a light strong case made of aluminum alloy and equipped with the passive protection system against noises, which enables to cut-off external sound load considerably and which makes SEB 10 BK the ideal earphones to use in urban transport and outdoors.

High-quality oxygen-free copper cables with flexible silicone insulation enhance the sound quality. Special consideration in the model is given to improving low-frequency sound transmission, but hypersensitive diaphragms with deep free stroke add the final trait in providing clear and transparent sound throughout the whole frequency range.

The L-shaped 3.5 mm (3 pin) connector of SEB 10 BK is ideal to be used with MP3, CD, DVD players and other portable devices. The set of earpads-adapters of three sizes provides maximum comfort, optimal fit in the ear canal and freedom against foreign sound effects.

04.02.2009. Speaker System for Home Theater and Computer Games – SVEN HT-435

The total power and dimensions of SVEN HT-435 are ideal for providing sound for small rooms. Due to MDF cases of speakers, the sound of the system is free from foreign noises and its appearance is perfectly combined with the home interior. The set of connectors of the built-in amplifier enables to connect two-channel stereo or a multi-channel 5.1 signal devices to SVEN HT-435. The built-in DSP processor provides stereo signal reproduction by all speakers of the system. For convenience, functions of buttons located on the subwoofer front panel are duplicated by the supplied wireless remote control.

The model will gladden its owners with easy use, functionality and unchangeable quality characterizing all SVEN TM production. And its democratic price won’t be an ordeal for the family budget.

23.01.2009. SVEN Company Has Improved SVEN OPTIMA Surge Protector

SVEN OPTIMA is the most popular surge protector model in the product line of SVEN ТМ! Its improved version is equipped with an additional socket and higher protective characteristics.

The surge protector is designed in such a way that several power adapters can be connected to it at once. The sockets are compatible with European and Russian plug standards.

SVEN Optima surge protector can be mounted on the wall.

The high-impact non-flammable ABS-plastic case provides high fire safety level.

SVEN OPTIMA surge protector is an optimal protection for home and office equipment: computers, office appliances, audio-, video- and electronic equipment.

The built-in automatic fuse will switch off the equipment in proper time in case of short circuit or sudden overloads during its operation. The power cord length is 1.8 m, 3.1 m and 5.1 m.

01.12.2008. Unique Mobile Speaker System SVEN BOOGIE BALL. Live in the Beat of Music!

BOOGIE BALL is supplied with a micro USB to USB cable and a 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm adapter to expand connection possibilities. The cable can be also used for charging modern mobile phones and smartphones with a micro USB port. The device is compatible with most telephones, smartphones, communicators, MP3 players and gaming consoles, which enables it to be more universal and therefore – to be in demand.

BOOGIE BALL stands out among the model line of portable speakers present at the market today. This speaker is unique due to the combination of miniature size and sound quality enriched with solid bass reproduction, as well as a built-in rechargeable battery providing uninterruptible operation for 7-8 hours. The battery is easily charged via a USB port or DC adapter.

The innovative design distinguishes BOOGIE BALL among its portable analogues. Its dimensions are 50 × 50 × 35 mm and its weight is 56 g; however, the device has pretty high output power 2.4 W. The specially developed Bass Expander system extends sound range at the expense of increasing the size of the speaker, and the Sound Around technology completes the impression providing its all-round directivity (360°).

BOOGIE BALL is available in white, black, pink, dark blue and bright green colors, which makes it a stylish and bright accessory. Using SVEN BOOGIE BALL you can listen to music from your telephone or communicator at the volume, which exceeds their capacity manifold. SVEN BOOGIE BALL provides mobile devices with additional musical independence. The convenient mounting hole enables to hang the speaker on your belt or a key-chain. Beside this, the tiny device fits into a pocket being an entertaining and reliable audio signal conductor at the same time!

21.11.2008. New 2.0 Speaker System – SVEN SPS-610. Deserved Sound at the Very Affordable Price!

SVEN SPS-610 is a multimedia speaker system with optimum quality-to-price ratio in the familiar SVEN 2.0 format.

The main advantages of this two-way speaker system are loud sound with powerful bass achieved due to a 4” loudspeaker, as well as ease of operation and convenient control.

The headphones jack, volume and timbre level control are located on the front panel, so it is very convenient to adjust the settings, as they are always close at hand. There are jacks for connecting various audio sources, such as PCs, DVD/CD/MP3 players, on the rear panel. The system is supplied with all the necessary cables: a connection cable and signal input cable. In addition, a fuse located on the rear panel can be replaced on your own, if a failure of electric power network occurs.

SVEN SPS-610 reproduces nice the music of the most different styles, dynamic computer games, energetic episodes in blockbusters – in a word, any sound material. It’s really the best solution for modern listeners who know how to count their money.

31.10.2008. New 5.1 Speaker System SVEN IHOO T100. Revival of Legend of Computer Sound!

SVEN IHOO T100 is an updated version of SVEN IHOO MT 5.1 6-channel speaker system (later SVEN IHOO MT 5.1R with remote control), well-known to connoisseurs of computer sound.

SVEN Company became a pioneer when it offered SVEN IHOO MT 5.1 speaker system “for everybody” having qualities of professional speaker systems.

Nowadays functionality of a traditional 5.1 speaker system is complemented with a built-in FM tuner with a 40-station memory in SVEN IHOO T100 model. Ergonomics of control has been enhanced due to a convenient remote controller and information display on the subwoofer front panel.

The FM tuner deserves special attention. Out of the wide range of typical solutions, SVEN IHOO T100 has been equipped with a highly sensitive tuner, providing consistent reception of radio signal so difficultly transmitted in modern houses made of reinforced-concrete, as well as in the remotest areas of the country.

The whole set of speakers, including the subwoofer, has rigid MDF cabinets. The satellites are covered with removable decorative grilles. The two-way front and center satellites with 4” woofer/midrange drivers and ¾” tweeters provide well-detailed sound throughout the whole frequency range of music records, while the rear satellites and the subwoofer impart the sensation of special effects in movies.

The total output power was enhanced up to 150 W: 50 W (subwoofer) + 5×20 W (satellites). The range of frequencies reproduced was extended to 40 - 22,000 Hz.

The advantages of the system are certainly an information display, FM tuner, convenient remote controller, allowing for adjusting the sound of the system right from the listener’s location and, surely, excellent package contents. The power provided by the system is enough to produce sound for a room with 25 square meter area.

SVEN IHOO T100 model is designed for fans of modern computer games with 5.1 surround sound and for creation of a home theatre.

11.09.2008. New 2.1 Speaker System SVEN Emotion. Compactness and Style!

Every day we hear the echo of the modern trends from fashion papers and TV screens: electronic devices tend to compactness and universality. Giants were left in the 20th century. People think about the functionality of a device but its mobility and compactness have become accompanying features. Naturally, global trends have touched production of speaker systems as well.

SVEN TM, a leader in the sphere of multimedia speaker systems, presents compact SVEN Emotion speaker system 2.1.

SVEN Emotion consists of two elegant satellites and a subwoofer in a case (MDF) with a side-mounted phase inverter. Such a design provides clear and rich sound within the whole range of reproduced frequencies. All controls are located on the rear panel. It’s pleasant that you can control not only the volume level, but the bass volume level as well.

SVEN Emotion speaker system is easily connected to a PC, laptop, MP3/CD/VCD/DVD player and other external audio devices. And due to the magnetic shielding speakers can be placed close to a monitor without danger of distortions.

The stylish miniature system will pleasantly surprise you with detailed and deep bass and will perfectly do for the home or office interior. With SVEN Emotion any music trend, modern computer games, as well as dynamic episodes from blockbusters, in a word, any music content, will be reproduced authentically.

The advantages of SVEN Emotion speaker system are evident: simplicity in use, lightness and compactness, easy connection to various audio devices, as well as affordable price!!!

20.03.2008. Novelty in the Product Line of SVEN POWER – NEO R 600/1000 Automatic Voltage Regulators! Reliable Protection of Consumer Electronics!

SVEN NEO R 600/1000 automatic voltage regulators are the entry level models of Sven Power AVR line, which provide protection of any electronic equipment against high/low voltage, pulse interferences and dangerous high voltage. The rated power of 600 VА/1000 VА automatic voltage regulators makes 300 W/500 W accordingly.

Automatic voltage regulators are designed for operation of electrical appliances in regions with the constant low or high voltage levels in power supply networks.

Modern consumer electronics have minimum stability margin to instability of voltage characteristics in the power supply network, but constant operation in conditions of low or high mains voltage reduces considerably the lifetime of any home electronic equipment.

SVEN NEO R 600/1000 automatic voltage regulators will provide the best operation of your appliances.

06.03.2008. We Present a New model of Multimedia Active Speaker Systems – SVEN SPS-700!

A new SVEN SPS-700 model is crystal-clear sound in a familiar stereo system format!

An original engineering solution is used in SVEN SPS-700 speaker system, which distinguishes this system among similar multimedia speakers.

The system is equipped with a slot phase inverter providing clearer and more transparent low frequencies. Using such a port enables to avoid usual disadvantages of usual round phase inverters, the main of which is fluidic noise during operation at increased power. The novelty will pleasantly surprise you with its deep powerful bass coming from the compact case at maximal volume.

High quality sound of SVEN SPS-700 system is ensured with a soft silk tweeter and case with thickened walls damped with sound-absorbing synthepone. The slot phase inverter with a front-mounted port allows placing the speakers next to a wall or on a shelf.

The controls of the MSS – volume and timbre level controls – are located on a side panel of the active speaker case. The input for connecting various audio devices – PCs, DVD/CD/MP3 players – is situated on the rear panel of the active speaker.

To achieve deeper sound of the bass, you can connect a subwoofer whose input is also located on the rear panel. The recommended subwoofer is SVEN HA-616W.

Music of various styles, dynamic computer games and vigorous episodes in blockbusters – any sound material is worthily reproduced by SVEN SPS-700 system. It’s really the best solution for modern listeners who strive for perfection in everything!

22.06.2007. New SVEN МА-333 – It is HI-FI Crystal Pure Sound!

Striving for perfection is a natural feature of people. If you are also overtaken by the desire to become flawless, SVEN trademark will help you to find your own style. Every new day in our work is a new step on the way to the cherished goal!

SVEN МА-333 active speaker system provides crystal-clear sound in the familiar 2.0 stereo system format. This system is an advanced continuation of the well-proven MA series: МА-230, МА-331, МА-332.

High quality sound of МА series is ensured with a soft silk tweeter and case with thickened walls damped with sound-absorbing synthepone. The slot phase inverter with a front-mounted port allows placing the speakers next to a wall or on a shelf.

SVEN МА-333 is the first system in MA series produced with filters providing high precision of mid and high frequencies, as well as their harmonious coordination. The size of the mid-range driver is increased in comparison with the previous models in MA series. The newest configuration will pleasantly surprise you with deep powerful bass coming from the compact case at maximal volume.

The system is performed in the strict MA series style: mirror location of speaker drivers, high quality gilded screw-type Hi-Fi jacks.

The controls of the system are located on the rear panel, in accordance with its style. There you can also find volume and timbre controls and the input for connecting various audio devices: PCs, DVD/CD/MP3 players. The rear-mounted surge protector, can be easily replaced in case of a fault in the electric network.

To achieve even deeper sound of the bass, you can connect a subwoofer whose output is also located on the rear panel. These speakers will both sound and look perfectly with SVEN HA-616W subwoofer, as it is performed in the same colour layout – cherry, beech and silver.

Music of various styles, dynamic computer games, energetic episodes in blockbusters – any sound material is worthily reproduced with SVEN МА-333 system. It’s really the best solution for demanding listeners who strive for perfection in everything!

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