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  • Colorful lighting
  • Wireless signal transmission via Bluetooth
  • Microphone input with echo function
  • Built-in audio files player from USB-flash and microSD card storage devices
  • LED display
  • -in equalizer
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Wired connection
Technical Specifications
Output power (RMS), W
36 (2 × 18)
Frequency range, Hz
80 – 22 000
Loudspeaker dimensions, mm
Ø 35 + Ø 100
Battery life, hours
up to 10
Power supply
Li-Ion battery: 2000 mAh (2 pcs)
Dimensions, mm
465 × 210 × 200
Weight, g

This autumn, a most promising new device by SVEN, namely, PS-500 portable speaker, came into the market. Its mission is to overcome boredom and to set the KARAOKE-stream direction, in order to make the number of happy people greater. SVEN PS-500 is intended not only for music fans. The portable speaker with the КАРАОКЕ functionality enables vocalists to demonstrate their skills anytime, anyplace. Via a special port, you may connect a karaoke microphone to SVEN PS-500, and sing to your own and everybody else's delight.

We recommend using SVEN MK-720 or SVEN MK-770 microphone. Microphone volume and the speaker's own volume are controlled separately. With the help of the 'echo' function, the performer's voice becomes effectively combined with the backing track. When you are singing karaoke, a slight echo compensates for shortcomings and renders the vocal clearer and more impressive. Thus, the song sounds nearly ideal. The equalizer allows controlling low and high frequencies. You can level out the sound or create special effects by accentuating certain frequencies. For example, by eliminating everything except the mid-range, you can obtain a retro radio sound. SVEN PS-500 offers versatile connection capabilities. The speaker is able to play audio files from nearly any source. Play back your favorite tracks from a USB flash drive or a microSD card. Listen to music from your smartphone, tablet or PC via an established Bluetooth connection. The speaker keeps a stable signal at a distance of up to 10 meters.

SVEN PS-500 can conveniently be used as a loudspeaker for telephone talks or foreign language lessons or to create a realistic atmosphere in a computer game. For wired connection of the speaker to transmitting devices, the delivery set includes an appropriate cable. SVEN PS-500 offers simple track switching: you will easily find the required track in your album. For 'true DJs', the track navigation option is available. Finally, if you wish to tune in to a radio station, you may use the built-in FM radio anytime. For a perfect party, SVEN PS-500 portable speaker offers eye-catching multicolor integral lighting. The lighting effects enhance perception of music. The human ability to associate sound sensations with light images becomes activated. The LED display shows information on the device's operation status, the radio station frequency, the volume level, and the track time when played from a USB/microSD. The speaker is fitted with two 35mm tweeters and two 100mm mid-frequency drivers, with a total output power of 36W. They provide a really wide frequency response of 80Hz to 22,000Hz, thus ensuring an authentic sound with maximum detail.

The speaker has a trendy rugged casing and a handy textile carrying strap. Two integrated lithium-ion 2,000 mA*h batteries ensure up to 12 hours of active autonomous operation.