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  • Silk dome-shaped tweeters
  • Bullet-shaped phase equalizer of the woofer improves gain frequency characteristics, reduces distortions, expands the directivity diagram
  • High quality frequency filter
  • Driver diffusers made of a polymer material with acoustic characteristics superior to Kevlar.
  • High quality MDF case,25 mm thick front panel
  • Electronic volume and timbre control on the front panel
  • Full magnetic shielding
  • Wooden (MDF) case with piano lacquer finish
  • Powerful toroidal transformer and high capacity condensers (2 х 6 800 mfd)
Technical Specifications
Output power (RMS), W
80 (2 × 40)
Frequency range, Hz
35 – 20,000
Loudspeaker dimensions, mm
tweeter Ø 25
woofer Ø 165
Resistance, Ohm
Magnetic shielding
Power supply
~220 V, 50 Hz
Case material
wood (MDF)
Dimensions, mm
210 × 305 × 397
Weight, kg
black (piano lacquer)
Life time
5 years

SVEN Royal 2 speaker system impresses at first sight: the lacquered piano-like front surface, noble pattern of the side surfaces impart the speakers classical and aristocratic look. The speaker drivers, accented silvery edging and bullet-like phase equalizing bodies of woofers add to aggressiveness and technocracy. In the lower part of the active speaker there is an electronic sound parameter control unit consisting of three buttons and a LED. The adjustment of settings is made by pressing vol+ and vol- buttons (by default, they are responsible for volume level adjustment) and mode selection (high and low frequency correction) is made with Function button and confirmed with change of LED colour (there are three colours). Such an approach in controlling functions realization looks modern but it is rather inconvenient. Ordinary control knobs, in our view, are more ergonomic. Each of the speaker rear panels has a pair of clamping screws capable of receiving acoustic cables of a pretty big cross section. The active speaker’s rear panel is also equipped with a power on/off button and two RCA jacks for connection of audio devices.

SVEN Royal 2 system is equipped with silk dome-shaped tweeters providing surprisingly clear, practically crystal, sound of high frequencies. The woofers are made of a polymer material whose acoustic characteristics are superior to Kevlar. The phase-equalizing body of the woofers performed in the shape of a bullet not only reduces distortion and expands directivity diagram, but also increases gain frequency characteristics of the whole system. All this, combined with a high quality frequency filter, makes it possible to achieve realistic, clear, harmonious and full-scale sound with deep noble bass and transparent high frequencies. SVEN Royal 2 is great at sounding music of various trends, so audiophiles won’t stay indifferent.