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  • Changeable backlighting
  • Soft Touch coating
  • Symmetric shape (suitable for left-handers)
Technical Specifications
Mouse type
OS compatibility
Windows OS / Mac OS
Number of keys, pcs
2+1 (scroll wheel)
Scroll wheel
Resolution, DPI
Durability, clicks
more than 3,000,000
Conformity to standards
Dimensions, mm
116 × 63 × 38
Weight, g

Until quite recently, trendy design and dynamic integral lighting were reserved to expensive solutions, which were additionally endowed with a heap of other functions. Even those who value, above all, the exterior design, had to pay too much for such solutions.

The mouse has the required minimum number of buttons, that is, only two buttons plus the scroll wheel. The device offers a fixed resolution of 1,200DPI. There is no trade-off in terms of robustness of the structure: like in more expensive solutions by SVEN, the buttons withstand up to 3 million presses. The weight of the device is low and totals only 87g. It will both go well with a desktop PC at a workplace and fit in as part of a portable laptop package. Comfortable use is ensured by the Soft Touch coating while the symmetric shape gives equal pleasure in operating the mouse to left-handers and right-handers Now, there is no need to do it, because SVEN has presented the new RX-70 mouse combining bright design with simple configuration at an affordable price.

Now you can get a really nice-looking computer mouse with dynamic integral lighting without having to pay more for a heap of unneeded functions.