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  • Silent buttons
  • Connection through Bluetooth and 2,4 GHz radiochannel
  • Side navigation buttons "Forward" and "Backward"
  • Switching DPI modes
  • Rubber scroll wheel
  • Plug&Play technology
Technical Specifications
Mouse type
wireless optical
OS compatibility
Windows / Mac OS
Number of keys, pcs
5 + 1 (scroll wheel)
Scroll wheel
Resolution, DPI
USB, Bluetooth
Radio channel frequency, GHz
Battery type
1 × AA
Durability, clicks
more than 3 000 000
Dimension, mm
100 × 61 × 38
Weight, g

Which wireless mouse to buy? New SVEN RX-585SW model puts an end to discussions on the subject: which is more convenient, the radio channel or the Bluetooth connection? Both options are integrated in this computer mouse.

Meet SVEN RX-585SW: a harmonious equilibrium. This optical computer mouse can be connected to a desktop PC via the 2.4GHz radio channel or to a laptop via Bluetooth. This is a very efficient solution. You can use a mouse at home or in the office with a desktop PC or take it with you if you need to go to some place with a laptop. To connect via the radio channel, a vacant slot for a special transceiver is needed. If you want to use the wireless mouse without the transceiver, choose the Bluetooth connection. An appropriate module is already integrated in the laptop. This option helps easily solve the problem of the mouse identification.

The Plug and Play technology guarantees ultra-easy connection without the need to restart the computer. The new device is identified instantly. By switching between the DPI modes (1,000/1,600), one can obtain the most comfortable positioning of the mouse. This computer mouse is compatible with Windows / Mac OS. The device has Forward/Backward buttons, which are located on its side, and a rubbery scroll wheel for easy navigation over the screen.