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SVEN SB-2200D soundbar with a wireless subwoofer — a way to outstanding sound

In order to enjoy great sound when watching movies or sports broadcasts, you no longer need large speakers, specially designed room and expensive amplifiers. Maybe it was true in the past, before we came around sets of compact subwoofers and soundbars. They take minimum space, they can be easily connected and mounted and make TV sound much richer. Our company has been developing an entire family of such products for many years. Recently our developers introduced a new model SVEN SB-2200D — one of the most advanced devices in our range.

SVEN SB-2200D soundbar with a wireless subwoofer
SVEN SB-2200D soundbar with a wireless subwoofer

Soundbar drivers with 52 mm diameter deliver high quality transmission of medium and high frequencies; bass is supported by an active subwoofer with an enclosure made of MDF, where a driver with 190 mm diameter is located. Total power of the system reaches 300 W, so SVEN SB-2200D will do great even in a large living room.

Connection and configuration of the set can be done as easy and simple as possible, quantity of cables is minimized — even the subwoofer is connected to the head unit with no wires, enabling to set it up more effectively and make it fit into any interior. The soundbar can be put on a shelf or mounted on a wall using specially designed fittings.

Sound sources can also be connected without any effort — there are a lot of available options: from optical or coaxial digital inputs and HDMI supporting ARC up to analog AUX with jack 3.5 mm. Bluetooth is provided to quickly establish connection with mobile gadgets. Also the new model supports Dolby Digital format that substantially expands capabilities to playback high-quality video content. Moreover, SVEN SB-2200D has a built-in player, so you can transfer your favorite tracks to USB driver that is always at your fingertips.

The set is controlled using its own panel. Besides, the device supports HDMI CEC technology, that allows users to turn on and adjust SVEN SB-2200D soundbar volume from the TV remote control, which is much more convenient. All information about device operation is shown on an insightful LED display. A built-in equalizer makes it possible to customize the sound — it is obvious, that developers paid a lot of attention to user experience. And finally, the cost is relatively low — you can check it out in household appliances and electronics stores, where the sales have already started.