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SVEN SF-05E surge protector — protection of electronic equipment

This power strip extension is design to protect electric equipment from impulse noise that can arise in power network. It provides reliable protection from overvoltage, short circuit and impulse noise that can damage electric equipment. It is equipped with protective shutters, preventing from getting foreign objects to the contacts. Nonflammable plastic is an important part of electric safety nowadays. Wall-mount fittings allow fastening this power extension in a required place using screws.

Surge protector SVEN SF-05E
Surge protector SVEN SF-05E

Strip extension has 5 output sockets to connect several devices at once. General socket switch helps conveniently manage all connected devices at once. Maximum load of the strip extension is 2300 W, allowing a lot of household appliances to be connected. Rated load current is 10 A, matching majority of household appliances.

Strip extension has protection against impulse noises, that can arise in power network. Maximum absorbed energy of impulse noise does not exceed 150 J, and maximum absorbed current of impulse noise is 4500 A. This ensures reliable protection against overvoltage and short circuit. Strip extension has different lengths of its cable — 1.0, 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 m, allowing the most suitable option to be selected for a particular task. Strip extension has dimensions of 262 × 40 × 48 mm and can be easily put in any location.

Strip extension can be operated in a wide temperature range — from +10 to +70°С, making it possible to use in various working conditions. Air humidity should not exceed 65% in order to ensure reliable operation of the strip extension in humid conditions. Strip extension comes in different weight options — from 306 to 578 g depending on the cable length. This makes it light and convenient for transportation and installation.

In general, this surge protector is a reliable and convenient device to protect electric equipment from impulse noise and overvoltage in electric network. It offers all required properties for application at home or in office.