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SVEN 180/185 multimedia USB speakers — ocean of the sound in a compact body

The Finnish company SVEN is actively developing its line of ultra-compact acoustics. The smallest models in the line are only 9 cm high and are suitable for those who save space at the workplace as much as possible, or want to carry the speakers with them with a laptop, for example. But extreme compactness is not always relevant if your workplace has a couple of extra square centimeters - you can consider the next step (or rather, a small step) in the line - the SVEN 180 and SVEN 185 models.

SVEN 180 multimedia USB speakers SVEN 185 multimedia USB speakers
SVEN 180
multimedia USB speakers
SVEN 185
multimedia USB speakers

They differ in design: some for lovers of rounded shapes, others for fans of strict classics. The rest of the products are very similar - both in size and "filling". Each speaker is based on speakers with a diameter of 53 mm, the total power is 6 W - this is quite enough for a desktop solution. The frequency range is quite wide - from 100 Hz to 20 kHz, this allows you to enjoy listening to music, playing games, watching movies.

All multimedia 2.0 systems are connected to a PC using a USB cable - it carries both power and audio signal transmission. Simple, easy and as fast as possible! There is a control on the cable that provides a quick operation of the device’s volume. SVEN developers took care of the comfort of users and made a product capable of bringing maximum positive emotions thanks to a variety of advantages: from original design to affordable cost. New SVEN 180/185 are already on the shelves.