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SVEN SPS-621 speaker system: stylish design and wireless connection

A truly good speaker system pleases not only the ears, but also the eyes. In this regard, the new SVEN SPS-621 speakers are a real find. MDF case in wenge color, glossy front panel, open speakers with contrasting painting - the design is more reminiscent of premium monitor models than household speakers. A large volume control knob with spectacular backlighting, demonstrating the current mode of operation, complements the image.

SVEN SPS-621 Multimedia Speakers 2.0
SVEN SPS-621 Multimedia Speakers 2.0

At the same time, the sound of the new system is as fine as the external design. Two speakers, a low-frequency (Ø 70 mm) and high-frequency (Ø 35 mm) sound in the range from 60 Hz to 20 kHz. For a relatively compact shelf speaker system this is a rather excellent result which many music lovers will no doubt appreciate. Open speakers not only give the speakers a more spectacular look, but also have a beneficial effect on sound quality. Additionally, you can adjust the tonal balance of the system for yourself using the low and high frequency control knobs on the rear panel.

The designers paid a lot of attention to the comfort of using the system and its versatility. In addition to the usual audio cable, the new SVEN SPS-621 multimedia speakers 2.0 can connect to the sound source via Bluetooth - just configure them once with your favorite gadget, after which you can turn on the music with just a couple of clicks. On the front panel there are two connectors. Headphones can be connected to one connector, and a microphone to the other one. So SVEN SPS-621 easily turns into the central device of a karaoke system.

If you value premium design, great sound and versatility - certainly pay attention to SVEN SPS-621 speaker system, which is already on sale.