13.05.2014. Review of SVEN MS 3000 Speaker System: Hi-Fi for Gamers on PC background…
SVEN MS-3000 speaker system lays claim to Hi-Fi sounding. For this purpose passive speakers are used in the trifonic. Two-way satellites are equipped with fabric tweeters. The tone compensation amplifies the lowest and highest sounds and equalizes the sound stage for a user. The estimated and checked elasticity of cones enables to provide quite smooth amplitude-frequency characteristic in the frequency range of 150 – 25,000 Hz specified for satellites.
Dmitry Lukin., May 2014.
12.05.2014. Review and Tests of SVEN Comfort 8500 Bluetooth. Elegant Wireless Keyboard
Nowadays it is practically impossible to find a modern smartphone or iPad with a built-in mechanical keyboard, finger-tip control supplanted this element of a case design totally. Screen-located keyboards are easy-to-use indeed, they enable a user to customize individually the appearance and set type of texts, but there are difficulties during typing big text volumes. Wireless compact keyboards come to help; one of them represented by SVEN Comfort 8500 Bluetooth today is a guest of Laboratory.
Lenar Khayrullin., May 2014.
06.05.2014. Review of SVEN PS-100BL Speaker System
Portable speaker systems came to our life a short time ago. In fact, it is the most important part of a mobile speaker system. Mobile sources, such as iPads, notebooks, smartphones etc., provide a signal actually of the identical quality, but the net result depends on a speaker system and a built-in amplifier. Of course, the competition in this segment is very high, therefore many producers build inside their systems as many different units as possible, such as radio, audio player, alarm clock, etc. But there are producers, who strive to put the whole cost of a device into the sound quality. One of such systems is SVEN PS-100BL.
BT-test., May 2014.
05.05.2014. Review of SVEN HT-200 Multimedia Center: Home Theater, Music, Audio Player, Radio and 33 Enjoyments More
First and foremost SVEN Company is famous for its multimedia products. But the next guest of our editorial staff is HT-200 home theater system, which can be used successfully separately without a computer as well. It has a multichannel input, radio and is able to read MP3 files. But first things first.
BT-test., April 2014.
30.04.2014. Review and Tests of SVEN MS-3000. Speaker System of 2.1 Format with FM Radio
Speaker systems of 2.1 format are one of the most popular formats of speaker systems for PCs. Today we have SVEN MS-3000 for test, we have already considered this model in comparison with Edifier HCS2330. An additional bonus is a possibility to read files from external carriers and the built-in FM module.
Lenar Khairullin., April 2014.
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