25.09.2014. Review and Tests of SVEN MS-1820. 2.1 Speaker System with USB and FM Support
Mini systems consisting of a base and two speakers, which playbacked cassettes, disks and radio, had a great vogue in the late ‘90s. Now such systems it is practically impossible to find on the shelves of shops. And the topicality of cassettes and disks dwindled to nothing. However, similar combines return in the form of 2.1 systems with extended functional. Today we will test SVEN MS-1820 speaker system, after considering similar systems.
Lenar Khairullin., September 2014.
24.09.2014. SVEN SPS-619 GOLD 2.0 Speaker System
The sound is quite comfort, it causes neither rejection nor irritation. On the whole, in a manner of speaking, SVEN SPS-619 GOLD is fully justifies the money spent for it. Small decorative speakers provide the sound of good quality, which will satisfy the most users. And their modern design with golden insertions demonstrates that decorative models can and must be beautiful.
Dmitry Lukin., September 2014.
23.09.2014. 2.0 SVEN STREAM MEGA R Speaker System: Two – Zero in my Favor
When I handed SVEN SPS-619 GOLD speakers to the editorial office, I noticed in the office of my boss heaps of boxes with speakers of SVEN Company. There were monitors of rather big dimensions in that heap. It was then that a crazy idea occurred to me – to compare my favorite Technics with those speakers, especially as because they were equivalent in size. Because we, music lovers, as you know, are constructed in such a way that we choose for a long time, but after purchasing, we do not apprehend anything new. So the same happened with me – I have a stereo system of a company, which is not available now, but and I do not even listen to novelties. My boss understood me and said – select! I grabbed the first box of rather big dimensions. At home, after the good overview, that box appeared to be STREAM MEGA R speaker system of SVEN Company.
Dmitry Lukin., September 2014.
26.08.2014. Review of SVEN MS-2100 Tree Phonic: High Quality of Sound and Pleasant Bonuses
SVEN MS-2100 is a medium-sized speaker system of 2.1 type costing approximately $80 with several undeniable advantages. In the first place, the new product initially looks nice due to the use of quite big loudspeakers and cases. In the second place, it has the convenient wireless control, radio and computer-independent player, which is not a speaker system on default in the cost effective segment.
TECHLABS Team., August 2014.
19.08.2014. SVEN SPS-707BL – Updated Version of “Old Speaker System”
SVEN SPS-707 can be named without exaggeration as a very competitive offer in the medium-sized shelf segment, and since recently speakers have became better still. The manufacturer has produced an updated version of SVEN SPS-707B, which can be connected to any modern gadgets without wires, using Bluetooth technology. which is offered, as a rule, in small image models only. But here we have more winning combination – a priori good sound plus compatibility with smartphones and tablet PCs.
TECHLABS Team., July 2014.
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