07.07.2009. Testing of SVEN Boogie Ball Speaker System

There is such a direction as compact speakers in the acoustics field. It means that you want sometimes to listen to the music far from the civilization, but headphones have pestered to death. Well, or when a big company gets together, hearts pine for music, but a guitarist cannot string two words together. Usually at a time like this, mobile telephones are taken away and the discordant choir of hoarse loudspeakers join battle. One can well understand that the sound leaves much to be desired.

This matter is solved the best by means of portable loudspeakers. However, until recently the majority of such loudspeakers were notable for extremely flat and narrow-band sounding. A very original development of SVEN Boogie Ball has become a pleasant exception to the rule.

Dmitry Kolganov ., July 2009.
30.04.2009. Active Sven Stream Stereo Speakers
Unlike the product line of Royal, Stream speakers have an ordinary control and they do not have piano varnish. However, they have headphones jack and easy-to-use timbre and volume level controls on the front panel. They have the classic appearance. The Bi-Amp technology is a feature of the speakers.
Roman Kuznetsov.,
10.03.2009. 2.0 SVEN STREAM Speaker System Testing

When buying a computer we plan for a long time our budget for a video card, memory, processor and somehow we forget about speakers. But tweeters for 500 roubles, even in close liaison with a powerful sound card, will mar the impression of any game. But we do not also advise to buy the first expensive speakers that come across – you should come to the choice appropriately.

Dmitry Kolganov., March 2009.
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