12.08.2014. SVEN AP-945MV: Affordable Headset Compatible with PCs and Smartphones
AP-945MV is an extremely inexpensive headset of well-known SVEN Company, which corresponds fullest to modern trends. It does perfectly well for the pastime in front of a computer, listening to the music from a notebook and, at that, it can be used jointly with a smartphone. In general, we have before us a universal version, with a careful eye to its price – it is a very interesting version.
TECHLABS Team., July 2014.
10.07.2014. Review and Tests of Sven AP-B770MV. Affordable Wireless Headset
Continuing the review of wireless headsets, today we dwell on the new product of the market – SVEN AP-B770MV. This model presented at the end of the last year is positioned as an affordable solution for owners of smartphones and tablet PCs. Today we study features of this decision in detail.
Lenar Khairullin., April 2014.
23.06.2014. SVEN SPS-619 Gold – “Golden” Speaker System
Gold is in fashion over again. Users want to see the color of noble metal on their telephones, accessories and surrounding things. However, today we will not speak about expensive things, but we will speak, perhaps, about one of the simplest methods to get a particle of Aurum on your worktable. SVEN SPS-619 Gold speaker system is addressed to all users, who are not indifferent to the gold and decorations made of this metal, the design of which differs from accepted standards.
TECHLABS Team., June 2014.
18.06.2014. SVEN AP-940MV: Inexpensive Full-Size Headset

SVEN Company continues to gladden users with its inexpensive products; it is not too difficult to find a headset with AP-940MV index among its last new products. At the price of approximately USD 20 this model is produced in a full-size format, it has 40 mm drivers and is suitable for joint use with any smartphones. As the result, we have a sturdy universal variant, because you can listen to the music both at home and in the street and a microphone built in a cable enables to game and communicate.

TECHLABS Team., June 2014.
15.05.2014. SVEN AP-B770MV – Perfect Sound without Wires

At the end of 2013 SVEN Company presented a light full-size SVEN AP-B770MV headset with the unnoticeable built-in microphone and support of wireless connection. Even with all things considered a new product costs quite inexpensively, and it was promised the battery operation up to 22 hours. In general, the product looks quite interesting.

TECHLABS Team., May 2014.
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