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  • Switching DPI modes
  • Plug&Play technology
  • Symmetric Shape
  • Suitable for left-handers
  • Silent buttons
Technical Specifications
Mouse type
wireless optical
OS compatibility
Windows / Mac OS
Number of keys, pcs
3 + 1 (scroll wheel)
Scroll wheel
Resolution, DPI
Radio channel frequency, GHz
Battery type
1 × AA
Durability, clicks
more than 3,000,000
Conformity to standards
Dimension, mm
106 × 35 × 60
Weight, g

Many PC users opt for gaming accessories even if they rarely get involved in any gameplay or prefer to do without it at all. The reason is that certain functions of gaming devices may come in handy for the purposes of work as well. Thus, for example, selection of DPI values in computer mice sometimes proves quite helpful in transitions from working with graphic processing applications to software packages and vice versa.

However, gaming solutions are usually more expensive and offer a lot of functions that are not needed for professional activity. Furthermore, they often leave much to be desired in terms of compactness, and are not convenient for carrying together with a laptop. Now, however, adherers of 'gaming' functions for professional use have a product at their disposal, which conforms to their requirements — that is, SVEN RX-510SW wireless mouse.

Weighing only 55g, it is very compact, and can easily be carried around. The mouse features a maximum sensor resolution of 1,600 DPI; a special button on the outside provides for switching between another four values. The left button and the right button are absolutely noiseless; the external design is symmetrical, making the device suitable both for right-handers and left-handers. The receiver features maximum compactness and can be left in the laptop USB port for carrying. The device is powered from a single storage battery of the most widely spread AA format.

Special attention is given to reliability. The buttons are able to withstand over 3 million presses without any problems. SVEN RX-510SW will surely be appreciated by those who prefer to use a laptop for their work, are constantly commuting, and wish to have a comfortable working place wherever necessary. The device is already purchasable from large electronics stores.