SVEN ML-1600

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    The fast tempo of modern living requires extreme concentration and high speed in work. To meet the requirements of time, SVEN has introduced the ML-1600 manipulator from the new ML series as a timely solution of the present problem.

    The switch located in the centre of the mouse case allows to quickly change the operation speed, increasing the resolution from 800 dpi to 1600 dpi. Connectability to PS/2 and USB ports gives additional freedom in work and games. The base of the mouse is produced of special materials making the sliding noiseless and smooth.

    Except for excellent operating qualities, the manipulator has a unique look. The design attracts attention due to an unusual combination of rectangular and round shape. The smooth black surface of the mouse divided into two parts with a rubberized scroll wheel is designed to make the user’s work and leisure comfortable. SVEN ML-1600 mouse is an excellent complement to any SVEN keyboard performed in black or silvery-black. 


    • Wired Laser Mouse
    • 3 control buttons
    • Convenient scroll wheel
    • Resolution — 800/1600 dpi
    • Resolution switch

    Technical Specifications
    Typе laser
    OS compatibility Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    Number of keys, pcs 3
    Scroll wheel yes
    Resolution, dpi 800/1600
    Interfacе USB + PS/2
    Error-free running time, strokes more than 3,000,000
    Dimension, mm 117 × 63 × 37
    Weight, g 100
    Color black
    Life time 2 years