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    SVEN IHOO T100 is an updated version of SVEN IHOO MT 5.1 6-channel speaker system (later SVEN IHOO MT 5.1R with remote control), well-known to connoisseurs of computer sound.

    SVEN Company became a pioneer when it offered SVEN IHOO MT 5.1 speaker system “for everybody” having qualities of professional speaker systems.

    Nowadays functionality of a traditional 5.1 speaker system is complemented with a built-in FM tuner with a 40-station memory in SVEN IHOO T100 model. Ergonomics of control has been enhanced due to a convenient remote controller and information display on the subwoofer front panel.

    The FM tuner deserves special attention. Out of the wide range of typical solutions, SVEN IHOO T100 has been equipped with a highly sensitive tuner, providing consistent reception of radio signal so difficultly transmitted in modern houses made of reinforced-concrete, as well as in the remotest areas of the country.

    The whole set of speakers, including the subwoofer, has rigid MDF cabinets. The satellites are covered with removable decorative grilles. The two-way front and centre satellites with 4” woofer/midrange drivers and ¾” tweeters provide well-detailed sound throughout the whole frequency range of music records, while the rear satellites and the subwoofer impart the sensation of special effects in movies.

    The total output power was enhanced up to 150 W: 50 W (subwoofer) + 5×20 W (satellites). The range of frequencies reproduced was extended to 40 - 22 000 Hz.

    The advantages of the system are certainly an information display, FM tuner, convenient remote controller, allowing for adjusting the sound of the system right from the listener’s location and, surely, excellent package contents. The power provided by the system is enough to produce sound for a room with 25 square metres’ area.

    SVEN IHOO T100 is designed for fans of modern computer games with 5.1 surround sound and for creation of a home theatre.

    • Built-in 150 W 5.1 amplifier
    • FM/AM tuner
    • Analog 2.0 and 5.1 inputs
    • Full-function remote control
    • Magnetically shielded loudspeakers
    Technical Specifications
    Total output power (RMS), W 150
    Output power of the subwoofer (RMS), W 50
    Output power of the satellites (RMS), W 100 (5 × 20)
    Frequency range, Hz subwoofer – 40 – 125
    satellites – 125 – 22 000
    Dimensions of subwoofer loudspeaker, mm Ø 165
    Dimensions of satellite loudspeakers, mm front: woofer – Ø100, tweeter – Ø 19
    center: woofer – 2 × Ø 100, tweeter – Ø 19
    rear: woofer – Ø 100
    Remote control yes
    Magnetic shielding yes
    Frequency band 87.0 – 108.0 MHz
    Tuner yes
    Case material wood
    Dimensions (subwoofer), mm 200 × 420 × 360
    Dimensions (front satellites), mm 168 × 300 × 220
    Dimensions (center satellite), mm 400 × 150 × 140
    Dimensions (rear satellites), mm 150 × 180 × 150
    Weight, kg 22
    Colour silver, wood, black
    Life time 5 years