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HDMI cables won wide popularity at the time when flat LCD and plasma panels began to supplant enormous paunchy kinescope TV sets, which were named boob tubes as a joke. That strange connector of 1.0 version appeared at the very end of 2002, which was able to transmit the digitized high-resolution picture and accompanying sound. Almost 10 years have passed, and what is today, that ordinary absolutely unremarkable interunit HDMI cable for AV devices?


The first specimens of HDMI cables were manufactured by venerable producers of devices, such as Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic, Hitachi, Thomson and some other. Naturally, their cost was not too low, especially when it was necessary to buy a cable separately. Nowadays, thanks in large part to enormous demand for such products, these connectors are manufactured by apologists of High End as well, which use the most expensive materials including precious metals and robe their products in the luxurious package. All of this, undoubtedly, affects the final cost.

On the other hand, you can find an unpretentious nameless clone at the price of several dollars packed in a turbid cellophane package only practically in any market stall or pavilion, where small items for AV devices are sold. As everyone is well aware, a cheapskate pays twice. Taking into account the purpose of such a product, which is transmission of signals of the highest quality, doubtful offers of peddlers have not to be taken seriously. The same is true for those people, who are careful with their money and do not wish to be tied to the chariot of adroit marketing experts – it must be admitted that many companies overprice especially such products too much. And in this case the dexterous and energetic Finnish brand Sven will help you again.

Three HDMI cables produced by the company have been tested by us. All of them are designed for the sound and video transmission in a digital form, but besides their length, they differ from each other by some structural and technical features as well.

One of them, a 3 m flat Ethernet Flat connector, among other things enables to transmit Ethernet signal and has a bandwidth up to 10.2 Gbps (340 MHz). It also supports the color code depth up to 48 bit. The Rotate cable 1.8 m long corresponds to the HDMI 1.3b version, it supports xvYCC color transfer standard and automatic synchronization of AV signals. Its thickness is 28 AWG.

Terminal contacts of this model are covered with 24-carat gold, that promotes reliability and wear resistance of connection. The tin-coated and silver-plated copper of the highest purification is used in a role of conductor, and the triple shielding protects against interference induction. The external shell of this cable is made of PVC of high quality. During its connection, it is necessary to observe the directivity, because the connector has a interference-tolerant contour. The construction of connectors is quite interesting – they are movable and can rotate for 90 degrees relative to the shell.

HDMI 1.3b specification compliance indicates to the ability of the model to transmit control signals between components, to transmit 3D picture and accompanying sound in Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats. The length of the third representative of Sven HDMI family is equal to 3 m. It is also a high-speed (HDMI High Speed V1.3) cable with the bandwidth up to 10.2 Gbps (340 MHz), which supports 48-bit color code and has oxygen-free copper conductors.


Because we did not plan to carry out a comparative study of samples, we simply connected cables to the test system and tried to find any disadvantages or faults. Unfortunately, but to be more exact, fortunately, such faults were not identified. All three connectors transmitted content, both the sound and picture, stably and with the highest quality. The picture was as master one within the limits of possibilities of a laboratory LCD panel. By the way, after testing one of our colleagues decided to buy Sven HDMI High speed Ethernet Flat cable for personal use and that is the best recommendation.


These cables are excellent inexpensive cables of different configuration of loops and heads. They have splendid specification and characteristics.

Advantages: affordable price, tight contact of cable connectors with jacks in AV components, steady data transmission.

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