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SVEN UP-L800 UPS — stable power affordable to anyone

Uninterruptible power supply units are broadly used not only at large enterprises and plants, but also at small offices, at home work office or gaming space. Besides, they can be helpful to backup expensive household appliances — from TV sets to home theaters. With such usage scenarios, an affordable price is as crucial as UPS features — sometimes a consumer cannot invest a lot into safety. To address this concern, our company continuously expands its series of line-interactive UPS, helping build reliable protection at any budget. New UP-L800 UPS is another instance of a cost-effective series, that can provide high-quality and stable power for appliances with total power consumption up to 400 W.

SVEN UP-L800 Uninterruptible Power Supply
SVEN UP-L800 Uninterruptible Power Supply

Traditionally, developers did not compromise in terms of safety. Moreover, they embedded the new UPS with features, that are usually offered by much more expensive products. Enclosure of SVEN UP-L800 is made of rigid fireproof plastic, however safety is mostly provided by fault prevention system triggered by such factors as: overload, short circuit, etc. Built-in stabilizer makes the UPS ready to any unpleasant surprises, that can be caused by electric grid: from voltage swings to high-frequency and pulse noises. This would be especially handy in places where power supply quality is usually low — at a summer house or in a village, in old houses and so on. If power supply from electric grid is interrupted for some reason, UP-L800 quickly switches to operation from a battery, protecting the hardware from sudden shutdown and enabling a user to properly finish the work — for instance, save important documents.

The device can be connected using 3 euro sockets CEE7/4 (EU) with reliable fixation of all kinds of plugs — it is sufficient to connect a PC, a monitor and a desktop sound system. Or you can connect a TV set, a player and an amplifier — any user could find a suitable scenario. It would not be an issue to find a place for your UPS — it can be put on a flat surface or hung on a wall using mounting fasteners. If any of the plugs is idle, special shutters would protect it from foreign objects. SVEN UP-L800 UPS can be controlled using a computer — the UPS can be connected via USB port.

SVEN UP-L800 uninterruptible power supply is a great instance of low-budget devices, providing comprehensive protection for electronics and supporting operation of appliances in case of short-term power supply shutdown. You can test it any time you want: the device is already available on the shelves and in catalogs of household appliances and electronics stores.