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SVEN PS-235 portable speaker — compact "boombox" with backlight

Our large and elegant boombox speakers have attracted a lot of fans thanks to loud and high-quality sound, bright backlighting, and a variety of use cases. But what about those who want to get all this, but doubt to buy such large devices? The manufacturer answered this question by releasing the PS-235 medium format speaker.

SVEN PS-235 portable speaker
SVEN PS-235 portable speaker

It weighs less than a kilogram, can fit into a medium-sized backpack, is equipped with a convenient carrying strap — so long story short, it remains fully portable. At the same time, the speaker is equipped with large speakers with a diameter of 47 mm and passive radiators at the ends, expanding their capabilities in the field of low-frequency range reproduction. As a result, with a relatively small size, SVEN PS-235 is capable of providing voluminous bass and reproduces sound in a wide frequency range from 100 Hz to 20 kHz. The volume did not disappoint either — the 12 W power allows you to easily sound medium-sized rooms and listen to your favorite music outdoors.

The entire front panel of the speaker is equipped with bright dynamic RGB backlighting, which will attract the attention of others and help create the right atmosphere for any event, be it a holiday somewhere in the country or a romantic date on the seashore. SVEN PS-235 is connected to the sound source via Bluetooth, and you can connect wirelessly two speakers to a single source at once, which will allow you to achieve even higher volume and get a noticeble stereo effect.

When traveling out of town, you often want to save the battery of your portable speakers; for these cases, a wired connection to the source is provided, which is also useful for achieving the highest quality and stable connection. At the same time, there is no reason to be worried about saving the battery power — the battery embedded into the speaker has a capacity of 1500 mAh and is capable of displaying for long hours. At the same time, PS-235 can operate in completely autonomous mode, displaying audio files from USB drives or receiving FM radio signals using the embedded receiver.

High-quality sound, impressive volume, bright backlighting, long battery life. All this is contained in relatively compact and not too heavy SVEN PS-235, which today is ready to become a faithful companion for those who are looking for a portable audio device, but do not want to make compromises. The product is already available for sale on the shelves of electronics and household appliances stores.