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SVEN PS-740 mobile audio system — the party is in your hands

Bright backlighting, 100 W of power and the possibility to sing karaoke that you can take with you. We continue to expand our range of mobile audio systems, the main goal of which is to help their owners organize truly fun holidays. The PS-740 has a stylish and sleek design that goes well with bright dynamic RGB backlighting that alters the look of both the device itself and the space around it. The acoustics weigh just a little more than 5 kg; they can be easily moved from place to place or brought along by putting them in the trunk of a car. There is even a special handle for easy carrying.

SVEN PS-740 party speaker system
SVEN PS-740 party speaker system

The output power of the acoustics is incredible 100 W, the volume is enough for both a large room and for dancing outdoors. Moreover, you don't even need an outlet — the embedded 4400 mAh lithium-ion battery guarantees long hours of battery life. Meanwhile, high-quality sound is provided by excellent tweeters with a diameter of 35 mm and large woofers measuring 145 mm, producing dense bass with good attack. Together they allow the portable speaker to reproduce frequencies from 40 Hz to 20 kHz — few mobile solution can boast such a wide range.

If you need to change the tonal balance to suit your taste, you are also able to do it thanks to the built-in equalizer. At the same time, all its settings, as well as other necessary information, are shown on a bright and contrasting LED display, which is perfectly visible both in the semi-darkness of the dance floor and in daylight. The main method of connecting to a sound source is traditionally Bluetooth, which can be quickly paired at the height of the holiday using NFC, which is useful if one of the guests urgently needs to share music from their device.

For greater stability of the connection and a small battery saving of gadgets, you can use a wired connection — this option is also provided. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to connect external sound sources — SVEN PS-740 can work without them thanks to the embedded player that displays audio files from USB drives and MicroSD memory cards. Meanwhile, if you don’t have a flash drive with music with you, then radio DJs will come to the rescue; an FM receiver is also embedded into the acoustics.

SVEN PS-740 will also bail you out at the moment when your soul yearns for singing, as it has two embedded microphone inputs with an adjustable echo effect. Just connect the microphones, and you have a real mobile karaoke station, ready to become the heart of any party. At the same time, you can control all the parameters of its operation without leaving the dance floor or being distracted from singing — the included remote control will assist you with this. And it’s also very nice to buy the PS-740 with friends: if you have two of these speakers in your company, you can connect them to a single source, getting even more volume and a pronounced stereo effect.

You can also purchase a pair of speakers for your own use: the price is quite reasonable, as SVEN Company traditionally makes its products available to the widest range of users. The product is already available for sale on the shelves and in the catalogs of electronics stores and is waiting for its owners, to whom it will certainly give many hours of joy and fun.