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SVEN SF-06E extension surge protector — six sockets and maximum safety

Our company is constantly expanding the line of surge protectors, which allows almost any user to find the most suitable device for their goals and objectives. One of the key advantages of the new SVEN SF-06E surge protector is, of course, as many as 6 CEE7/4 (EU) sockets. It is sure to appeal to those who want to connect many devices at once on their desktop, for example. At that, the maximum permissible load is an impressive 2300 watts, and the sockets securely fix various types of plugs - virtually any appliance can be connected.

SVEN SF-06E extension surge protector
SVEN SF-06E extension surge protector

Special attention was traditionally paid to security issues. All sockets are protected against foreign objects by special curtains, which will especially please users having small children. The filter can be placed on almost any surface and in any position - even on the wall; special holes are provided for this on the rear panel. The surge protector meets all modern safety requirements: the housing is made of non-flammable, impact-resistant plastic and all EMC standards are met.

The extension cable length should correspond to the distance from the socket to the appliances to be connected, without this its comfortable operation is impossible. That's why our developers have provided three delivery options of SVEN SF-06E - with cable length of 1.8, 3 and 5 meters. And of course the novelty is not only an extension cord, but also a surge protector. This means that it is capable of protecting connected devices from any problems in the electrical network.

Thanks to varistor protection against impulse interference, it effectively handles overloads. And in case of serious problems, connected appliances are disconnected in a timely manner. At the same time, you can resume their use quickly and without unnecessary effort thanks to an automatically restored thermal fuse. A switch with a built-in light indication allows you to control the operation of the surge protector.

SVEN SF-06E is an advanced device that fully meets all modern requirements for surge protectors. At that, the manufacturer offers the device at a price that makes it affordable to the widest range of buyers. The sales have already started, the new product is waiting for consumers on shelves of electronics and household appliances stores.