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SVEN PS-1900 party speaker system — 1000 Watts of real fun

More sound, more light, and all through portable speakers — we never cease to amaze and delight the lovers of truly loud and lively holidays. The power consumption of our SVEN PS-1900 party speaker system is astounding 1000 watts — enough to get the party going for dozens of people. It can even take care of the light show for you — the two central speakers are equipped with vibrant RGB-lights, allowing to bring about a festive mood. The most eye-catching lighting effects are brought to life by the strobe light, this new addition comes equipped with.

SVEN PS-1900 party speaker system
SVEN PS-1900 party speaker system

The SVEN PS-1900 system has a respectable set of speakers - two 8-inch drivers, handling the low and mid-range frequencies and two 3-inch tweeters take care of the high-frequency range. Together they are capable of an incredibly wide frequency range — from 20 to 20,000 Hz. The wooden MDF cabinet is doing its part by reducing unwanted vibrations and resonance. Meanwhile the device is undeniably large with dimensions of 350×372×1018 mm and a weight of just over 17 kg. It’s a far cry from a speaker you can put into a backpack and take with you, but thanks to the convenient handles and transportation wheels, SVEN PS-1900 can rightfully be called a portable sound system.

The simplicity of the wireless connection to the source device is another piece of legacy from the SVEN PS-1900 speakers — the NFC-mark makes it a matter of seconds. There is the option of wired connection through the Aux port for the admirers of stable and reliable classics. You can place your connected smartphone or tablet in a special groove on the top panel — the designers thought of every detail, trying to make the usage as comfortable as possible. You aren’t at all required to have an external source of music connected — the built-in audio player is always there to play files from USB flash drives. And if the collection of your favorite tunes isn’t with you — there’s always the FM-Radio.

The volume of the speaker is more than enough for any party, but you can crank it up even louder and achieve a pronounced stereo sound by connecting two SVEN PS-1900 to the same device via Bluetooth. Aside from the Aux input, there is also an out, which enables you to connect this model to another speaker, or create a chain of multiple SVEN PS-1900 — making the amount of lighting and sound on your dance floor rival that of a small nightclub. The built-in equalizer enables you to adjust the sound to your preference, while a dedicated Bass Boost function can make the LF range more volumetric. The settings are shown on a convenient LED display, providing the user with all the essential information. You can place your smartphone or other sound source device on a special stand located on the front panel.

This new addition is excellent for both listening to music and performing it. The two microphone line-ins allow for either solo or duet singing, while the built-in echo effect will add extra depth to your vocals. You can make a SVEN PS-1900 into your own karaoke station and sing along to your favorite songs with instrumental tracks. Alternatively, you can use another port to connect a musical instrument and provide live accompaniment. Thanks to these features this device will appeal not only to party goers, but also to professional organizers, hosts, and musicians. No less impressive than its features is its cost, which is nothing short of enjoyable and easy to see for yourself in the catalogs of electronics stores where the SVEN PS-1900 is already available.