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SVEN GC-W150 gaming wheel — real impressions on virtual roads

The driving simulator was and still is one of the most popular game genres, and neither time nor ever-changing fashion has power over it. And all because everything is possible behind the wheel of a virtual car: you want to test yourself as a truck driver -- do it; you want to try to get behind the wheel of a racing car -- you are welcome. And if you need even more thrills – you can try to get away from the police chase. But no keyboard or even the best game pad will provide such a near-real experience as a high-quality gaming wheel. Our company has always been good with high-quality gaming steering wheels, and with the release of the GC-W150, it has become even better.

SVEN GC-W150 gaming wheel
SVEN GC-W150 gaming wheel

The benefit of the steering wheel from SVEN is that being equipped with absolutely everything needed it still remains affordable for a wide range of potential buyers. First of all, its versatility is worth mentioning: apart from the computers running Windows 7 and older, it easily interacts with PS4 and PS3, NintendoSwitch, and even with Android gadgets. And as it supports X-Input and D-Input modes, you can play a wide variety of games with the help of GC-W150, including games that were released a long time ago and have already become classics.

Naturally, the novelty provides for vibration feedback which allows you to dive deeply into the game world and feel every detail of it – starting from the road surfacing or off-road to the characteristic behavior of the steering wheel while turning or drifting. A special lever allows gear-changing – just like in real life. And, of course, there is a pedal box of increased width, which will please the owners of large feet – not many gaming steering wheels can boast of that.

The steering wheel rotation angle is 180° — for most players this is enough, and to the extreme driving simulation fans SVEN offers the most "advanced" models of steering wheels, which can rotate by impressive 900°. The designers have not forgotten about the programmable buttons which can be used not only to turn on lights or honk, but also to effectively manage the game character, the view from the cabin, and a number of other parameters.

Affordable, but at the same time versatile and having all necessary functions, SVEN GC-W150 gaming steering wheel will make a great gift and will be perfect as the first steering wheel for those who want to try their hand in the world of driving simulators. Sales have already been started; the novelty can be found in the catalogs of electronics and home appliance stores.