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SVEN RX-G735 gaming mouse — for elegant victories

Beauty and elegance of a gaming mouse SVEN RX-G735 strike from the first glance — it looks as good as a lot of premium devices, but costs as little as a budget class. Our developers are committed to creating high quality devices that are affordable to a broad user audience. The casing with cutaways in upper part and a dynamic backlight under them will become a great design element of a work or study place. Apart from that, cutaways also provide additional ventilation for a gamer's palm during gaming sessions or hard work.

SVEN RX-G735 gaming mouse
SVEN RX-G735 gaming mouse

Optic sensor that can be configured from 1200 to 4000 DPI using a special button, allows a user to select a suitable combination of cursor speed and precision for any screen and game, graphic and video editors, office applications, etc. Scrolling wheel with a rubber thread ensures reliable "grip" to a finger and nice tactile feel, and "forward" and "back" navigation keys will come in handy not only in games, but also in work and study. The mouse can be connected using 1.8 m cable with a USB socket — it is enough to connect devices to a PC unit standing at a distance.

SVEN RX-G735 has everything to be titled a gaming device, including an outstanding backlight. Moreover, the cost is low, and sales have already started, so you can easily make sure of it: just find the mouse on the shelves of electronics stores.