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SVEN RX-230W wireless mouse — soft symmetrical baby

A wireless mouse SVEN RX-230W is a compact device with a little more than 50g weight, that will fit in greatly to your work space and will not take a lot of room in a laptop case. Our developers gave it everything you would need for great user experience. Rubber thread will not let your finger slip on a scroll wheel, and soft touch coating of the casing is not only nice to touch, but also ensures firm and reliable grip on a mouse in any situation.

SVEN RX-230W wireless mouse
SVEN RX-230W wireless mouse

And whether you are working in a chilly office or behind a table in a sunny riverside cafe, this device will help you do it as much conveniently and efficiently as possible. It doesn't matter, which hand you use to hold the mouse: symmetrical shape makes SVEN RX-230W convenient both for right-handers and left-handers.

Despite its small size and modest price, RX-230W is embedded with a special button, switching resolution modes from 800 to 1600 DPI, allowing a user to find the best combination of cursor speed and precision for different screens and applications — from browsers to graphic editors. Wireless connection to PC is established using a compact USB adapter included in the set. It is not required to install any drivers or software; it is enough to connect the device to PC.

SVEN RX-230W will be appreciated by people, who love elegance, compact size and user experience — developers provided it with all the best features. Also it is a great choice for people who prefer reasonable expenses and pay attention to quality for money factor — SVEN is loyal to its traditions and continues offering "advanced" devices at an affordable price, and you can check it in catalogs of electronics and household appliances stores — sales of RX-230W have already started.