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SVEN SB-2040A soundbar — TV sound in new quality

Majority of TV sets is equipped with native drivers, but they are great only at delivering dialogs and news reporters’ voices. Music and special effects in movies require more serious devices. Without a doubt, the large speakers of a full format home theater would produce better results, but there is not always a place for them, not mentioning the high cost of such solutions. For the customers that would like to save money and space, our company offers a family of soundbars that has been recently expanded with SB-2040A.

SVEN SB-2040A soundbar
SVEN SB-2040A soundbar

This is a truly compact device — its dimensions are 762×62×80 mm. The soundbar can be placed on a TV stand or mounted on a wall — there are special fittings for it. Its power reaches 40 W, and large 47 mm drivers and passive radiators produce a frequency range of 80 to 20,000 Hz.

The SVEN soundbar will take the sound of movies and sports broadcasting to a new level and help enjoy music. The soundbar is operated via a user-friendly wireless remote control. Also, you can use a panel located on one of the sidewalls of the device. All necessary information is shown on a bright and contrasting LED display. Austere design allows SB-2040A to easily fit into almost any interior.

The soundbar is connected to a TV set via HDMI supporting Audio Return Channel (ARC). Also, it is possible to use digital optical input or analog AUX — the developers have paid attention to maximum compatibility with various sound sources. Apart from a TV set, it is possible to connect a player, computer or even a smartphone to SVEN SB-2040A since Bluetooth is supported too. Moreover, you don't always require an external source — a player built into the soundbar can playback audio files from drives connected to the USB port on the rear panel.

The company offers all of these at a traditionally low price, so SVEN SB-2040A can be undoubtedly considered affordable for a broad user audience. The soundbar is already available for sales and is waiting for its first happy owners on the shelves of electronics and household appliances stores.