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SVEN GC-5050 wireless gamepad — true versatility

PC, console or even mobile gaming — doesn't matter. Some people choose just one thing, and someone wants to embrace everything that modern game industry offers. But you need to get used to different controllers that vary in their unique features. Besides, it is necessary to charge them, put them in a right place so that they don't go missing — in other words, a lot of things to care about. A wireless gamepad SVEN GC-5050, that sets a new level of versatility and compatibility with different gaming platforms, will help engaged players forget about all those problems. It can operate with PC running Windows 7 and higher, PlayStation 3 and 4, Nintendo Switch, as well as with gadgets running Android and iOS.

SVEN GC-5050 wireless gamepad
Wireless gamepad SVEN GC-5050

Fans of mobile gaming will appreciate a smartphone stand that is included in a set — SVEN GC-5050 will be at your fingertips at home and on the road. The device supports X-Input and Direct Input modes, which allows using the controller with different kinds of games. The gamepad is fitted with all controls that are required or familiar to gamers: eight-positional controller, two joysticks, keys, triggers…Key functions can be customized, helping a gamer act more efficiently during a play. Vibration feedback provides for increased engagement and realistic experience from what is happening on the screen.

SVEN GC-5050 has distinctive look due to a transparent casing, through which you can see all the most interesting details of inner assembly of a gamepad — from buttons to vibration motor. Dynamic RGB backlight emphasizes extraordinary design of the device. This gamepad will definitely draw admiring eyes and is ready to become one of the key elements of a gaming space. The casing shape is ergonomic and guarantees comfort during long hours of virtual battles.

And forget about wires — the device connects to PC or consoles via Bluetooth, and a built-in 800 mA·h battery supports many hours of wireless operation. With all that SVEN GC-5050 has few competitors not only regarding versatility level or attractive look, but also in cost — once again our company managed to create a cutting-edge device, which is available to a broad range of potential users. Anyone can verify it: the sales have already started, so the GC-5050 can easily be found in catalogs of electronics and household appliances.