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SVEN KB-G9300 gaming keyboard — a step towards victory in every click

SVEN keeps on expanding its family of affordable mechanic keyboards. Whereas a lot of others manufacturers offer gaming solutions powered by linear red switches, SVEN has taken care of gamers who prefer a tangible tactile feedback. Blue switches of the model operate with a nice distinct click that will be appreciated not only by e-sportsmen, but also by those who often work on typing texts. In general, the SVEN KB-G9300 keyboard is adapted not only for games — it will be a great companion both in work and study.

SVEN KB-G9300 gaming keyboard
SVEN KB-G9300 gaming keyboard

A total of 20 keys have additional functions activated by the modifier key Fn — from controlling playback and volume to quick calls of required programs. It is hard to imagine a gaming product without a backlight — SVEN KB-G9300 offers a multicolor illumination that allows you to regulate brightness or completely turn it off. Blocking of the Win key will save you from painful surprises during a game — in other words, there is everything that e-sportsmen seek.

The SVEN KB-G9300 casing is made of durable plastic, the legs are used to slightly incline it towards the user, the images on keys are easily readable even from a long distance — so comfort and reliability are not less crucial for developers than design. We should also note a reliable cable in a textile braid that prevents from entangling and is very durable, with meeting the highest standards of a gaming industry. The keyboard is not just a good device, it also offers a balance of all the key parameters, and which is more important — it is universal and affordable to general public users. It is easy to check — just look for it on the shelves of electronics stores, where it is already available.