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Portable acoustics SVEN PS-655 — your colorful offline Party

Dances, songs and fun always follow those who are already familiar with the line of portable audio systems from SVEN, which has recently been replenished with the PS-655 model. Fans of the brand will enjoy the bright dynamic lighting that can create a club atmosphere literally anywhere once again. The manufacturer has made a special emphasis on making the use of the novelty extremely comfortable: all information about its operation is displayed on a bright LED-display, a convenient handle is provided for carrying. The control can be carried out using a remote control.

Portable acoustics SVEN PS-655
Portable acoustics SVEN PS-655

The power of SVEN PS-655 is an impressive 50 W - it will be perfect either at home or in the country. Balanced sound in a wide frequency range from 45 Hz to 22 kHz is provided by two pairs of speakers: high-frequency ones with a diameter of 35 mm and low-frequency ones with a diameter of as much as 100 mm. A large bass reflex in the center of the body allows you to deliver emphatically dense bass, which will make the reproduction of dance compositions as effective as possible. Thanks to the built-in equalizer, the sound of the speaker can be fully matched to your taste and the played tracks.

Like all the speakers in the line, PS-655 supports the connection of two devices at once to one source. This means you can increase the total system power to an incredible 100 watts and create a stereo base for full surround sound on your dance floor. And all this in an autonomous mode - a pair of lithium-ion batteries of 4400 mAh are capable of ensuring the operability of devices for long hours. SVEN PS-655 supports not only Bluetooth connection, but also wired one. It also has a built-in player that plays files recorded on USB-flash and microSD. And, of course, you can rely on the taste of radio DJs and turn on the FM radio mode.

Another important feature of SVEN's flagship portable audio centers is, of course, a microphone input with volume control and an echo function. Connect a microphone, play the phonogram - and here we have a full-fledged karaoke station that does not require wires and plugging into an outlet. That used to be just a dream in the past but today it can be purchased in consumer electronics stores - SVEN PS-655 has already gone on sale.