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Portable acoustics SVEN PS-370 - bright lights in a compact body

Multicolored backlighting is a feature of all musical centers, right? No! SVEN PS-370 portable acoustic is compact enough and will be convenient to carry in hand or in a small bag, but at the same time the speakers effectively glow in the dark, helping to create an atmosphere in any place - from a friendly party at the country house to a romantic date or a picnic. It connects via Bluetooth, but for greater stability of communication and in order to save battery power of gadgets, you can also use an audio cable - this can be especially important in trips. Or you can completely relax, trusting the taste of your favorite radio DJs - there is also a built-in FM-receiver in the new SVEN PS-370.

Portable speaker SVEN PS-370
Portable speaker SVEN PS-370

And if you prefer not to rely on the will of fate and carry a collection of music on USB-flash drives - you can use them too, for this there is a corresponding connector and a built-in player. The main thing is not to forget to take the speaker with you, then you will not be left without music for sure and for a very long time - two built-in 3600 mAh lithium-ion batteries will take care of this.

The compact speaker enclosure has the large 70mm speakers reproducing frequencies from 70 to 20,000 Hz, while passive radiators on the sides help deliver deep, rich bass very much appreciated by the dance music lovers. The acoustic power is 40 W - the volume is enough both for listening to music indoors and for a small party in the fresh air. And if the company has two happy owners of SVEN PS-370, they can be simultaneously connected to one source, getting twice more the power and volume.

A bright party begins where a wireless portable speaker SVEN PS-370 appears. You can already find it on the shelves of electronics stores at a price that will become another source of positive emotions.