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SVEN PS-580 portable speakers: ingenious reinvention of boomboxes

SVEN PS-580 resembles classic boomboxes and even the famous ghetto blasters of the mid-80s more than any other models of the line: large speakers on the sides, a handle on top, a control panel in the center… Yet, the similarity is limited to exterior; as far as the range of features and functions is concerned, the new device is considerably superior to its ancestors.

SVEN PS-580 portable speakers
SVEN PS-580 portable speakers

One of the main differences is, of course, the ability to reproduce sound coming from a variety of sources: from gadgets connected via Bluetooth to USB-flash and microSD drives. Besides, the built-in FM tuner enables to tune in to one's favorite radio station. Wired connection is also supported, which allows using an even wider range of devices and reducing power consumption. Speaking of power: we could not even dream of such an impressive capacity before — two lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 2000 mAh each! The quality and volume of the sound are great, as well: the power of the system is 36 W, with two pairs of 35 mm high-frequency speakers and 100 mm low-frequency speakers providing high fidelity sound across the frequency range of 80 Hz to 22 kHz.

The deep bass will be appreciated by hip-hop and EDM aficionados, while the bright midrange will please pop music fans. An equalizer allows to adjust the sound to one's liking, and dynamic multi-colored illumination (that is just as effective as disco lights on a small dance floor) will provide extra visual effects. Music is particularly enjoyable in a company of friends, and if you happen to have two SVEN PS-580s at once, your party will know no limits of creativity: both devices can be simultaneously connected via Bluetooth to the same source to achieve greater volume and create a more pronounced stereo effect.

Another difference from conventional portable speakers is a remote control, which previously could only be found in stationary devices. Still, the key advantage of the SVEN PS-580 audio system is, of course, a microphone input with volume control and echo function. This makes it not just another sound-playing device, but also a full-fledged karaoke station. And all this in a portable case weighing less than 3 kg! Nothing can beat the pleasure of walking with such speakers, and then arrange an unforgettable party for your friends. See this for yourself; the new SVEN PS-580 is already available at stores of electronic goods.