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SVEN KB-E5500 keyboard for operation in lounge mode

Evaluate the convenience of the new SVEN KB-E5500 keyboard, which is made in a thin case, distinguished by a well-thought-out keyboard layout and anatomic shape!

Do you like working with music with a cup of hot coffee? Choose SVEN KB-E5500 keyboard with island-type keys in a sleek slim design! It is designed for operation and synchronous control of the media space! The implementation of multimedia keys through the FN modifier key significantly facilitates the interaction with the computer. You will always have quick access to the browser home page, one click - and you are in the mailbox! And the most pleasant is the convenient control of the media player.

SVEN KB-E5500 Keyboard
SVEN KB-E5500 Keyboard

SVEN KB-E5500 is the island-type keyboard. The keys are located at a small distance from each other, while they are not high and with a short stroke. Low "seating" of the keys, slim design and additional built-in palm rest reduce the load on the wrists and increase comfort. This prevents swelling of hands during prolonged operation. And retractable feet allow for independent setting the device inclination angle suitable just for you.

SVEN KB-E5500 is a modern membrane keyboard that operates very quietly. Its feature is the presence of a high-quality elastic dome on each key. Thanks to this, the forces from pressing the membrane are evenly distributed for good contact. So tactile feedback appears, and you intuitively dose the force of impact on the keyboard. SVEN KB-E5500 withstands over 20 million keystrokes! The novelty has a classic printed layout, the color of the Latin characters is white, the Russian letters are a pleasant reddish ocher color. The moisture-proof keyboard design is reliably protected from coffee and tea force majeure.

SVEN KB-E5500 has the USB interface, after connecting the keyboard to a free USB port on the computer the device is recognized automatically. A minimum of wires on your desk and a comfortable environment for working in pleasant mode!