SVEN SV121000

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    As of today the lead-acid maintenance-free batteries of AGM type are the most widespread type of batteries for the reserve power supply. The main fields of application are UPS; light, alarm and security systems; direct-current power supply; automatic control system.

    Batteries of SVEN SV series are notable for the following specifications: low self-discharge current, wide operation temperature range, high coefficient of efficiency and quality of manufacture.

    The most optimal variant of the use of external SVEN SV12500 and SVEN SV121000 storage batteries is their application jointly with Reserve Home UPS (Reserve Home-500, Reserve Home-800 or Reserve Home-1000) for uninterrupted power supply of heating systems, communication systems, security and fire systems. More information see in "Selection of uninterrupted power supply systems".

    • AGM type maintenance-free lead-acid battery
    • Leakproof construction
    • Maintenance-free: can operate in any position
    • Construction of inter electrode fiber-glass separators provides extended service life
    • Does not generate gas during operation
    • Valve system to protect the battery against high pressure
    • High-efficiency lead-calcium plates to increase the capacity
    • Low self-discharge current
    Technical Specifications
    Battery type Lead-acid AGM type storage battery
    Rated voltage, V 12
    Maximum discharge current, A 1000
    Capacity (20 hours discharge), А • h 100
    Maximum charging current, A 30
    Internal resistance, MOhm 6.5
    Self-discharge (at 25 °C of initial capacity) during the year up to 36 %
    Rated operating temperature, °C 25
    Operating temperature range, °C -20 up to +50
    Terminal type T11
    Length, mm 307
    Width, mm 168
    Hight, mm 211
    Total hight, mm 234
    Weight, kg 30
    Color black
    Life time 2 years